Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Giggles Wedding Weekend

Why is it in the winter I struggle to find things to blog about but have all the time in the world to blog? Then in the summer I have SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO many things to blog about and not enough time?

Maybe another reason me and Mother Nature our at odds this week.
So this past weekend was Giggles big weekend. That's right after all the planning and preparation the BIG day had finally arrived.

Friday I left work and headed to the resort. BEAUTIFUL ~ that is the only way to describe it.

The rehearsal went good and this was followed by a boat tour of the lake.

Pontoon Boat + Coolers of Beer + Giggles Family = Fun time.

I love Giggles family and think of them as my extended family. So needless to say Giggles Niece (the other bridesmaid) and myself became drinking partners. Her fiancĂ©e had to work so was unable to attend the wedding weekend and with Marine on the other side of the world Niece and I decided we could just be each others date.

After the boat ride we return to the lodge where we are escorted into a private dining area for the rehearsal diner ~ Mexican food theme. Yummy!

Now here is where the madness begins. Giggles Sister (who is Niece's mom --- yeah Giggles was an accident lol) suggests shots. Giggles says no shots. Sister orders a round saying "Don't think of them as shots....... think of it as a condensed drink!"

I tell myself that I will not drink that much, after all tomorrow is the wedding day.

Really we had the best intentions.

However pictures on my camera of Giggles, Niece, Sister, Giggles Mom, and Giggle's future mother in law, and myself seem to say that "Best Intentions" went out the window around the time of the 3rd condensed drink..... or maybe it was the two rum-runners that followed the condensed drinks.

Either way smores at midnight is always a good idea. Yeah the resort starts a fire in the evening and puts out all the necessities for smores. I was starting to wonder if they would let me live here at this point.

We enjoyed sitting around the fire with both families, sharing stories and laughs. Giggles finally said she was ready to head to bed. As Maid of Honor I was her bunk mate for the night so together we headed upstairs to our room.

Oh and speaking of Mother Nature... yeah our first disagreement came Friday night at the rehearsal diner. She decided that this would be an appropriate time for Aunt Flow to visit. Thanks Mother Nature. Hope you got a good chuckle out of that one. I thought we were cool.

Saturday I woke up my head slightly spinning and my stomach in knots. I wanted to blame the rum but I knew the later was Mother Nature's fault. So Advil became my morning companion along with a Dr. Pepper of course. Another hour of sleep and it was 8:30 - time to rise and shine.

Giggles and I lay in bed debating on going downstairs for breakfast. We have our priorities straight; food before showers. Then Giggles phone rings and her future Hubby tells her to send me to the door......

I open the door and am greeted by him holding a tray of goodies.

"I think I love you." I say reaching out to take the tray.

He laughs, "Make sure she eats something please."

"Will do! Thanks." I close the door and carry the food back to Giggles who is still curled up on the bed.

"This is why I approve of this marriage...." I sit the tray down, "He feeds us."

Yeah we really are that simple.

Giggles laughs and we enjoy our breakfast but decide that despite Future Hubby's best efforts we are missing cereal. So we venture downstairs for raisin bran (Giggles) and Fruit Loops (me).

After breakfast we venture upstairs to shower and begin the beautification process. Blondie arrived do fix Niece's and my hair.

I was up first. With a curling iron and hairspray Blondie started working her magic. When I was done I was sent to the bathroom to inspect my curls in the mirror.

Blondie has fixed my hair hundreds of times and I have always loved it! With that said I look in the mirror and my jaw drops.

I hate it.

Its to..... poofy. I'm not a poofy person.

In my mind I have flashbacks to Conscious's wedding. Vixen and I had looked awful. Need evidence --- see photo. Only photo I could find on the laptop and doesn't give full justice the bird nest on top of my head.

I want to call Vixen and ask for advice.

But I refrain. I've done it before. I can do it again. I take a deep breath and exit the bathroom.

I return to the room.

Blondie, "You hate it."

"No it's fine," I lie, "It looks good."

She gives me a look.

"Ok maybe it's a little poofy....."

"I knew you'd say that!!! It's not poofy!!"


"Sit your ass down, and hold this." She hands me the curling iron and now attacks the curls with a vengeance.

I silently pray she doesn't kill me with the curling iron. "You really don't have to.... It's fine," I stamper.

"Almost done," She takes the curling iron from me and then hands it back. "Close your eyes." She sprays.

The end result ---- Beautiful!

Much more me. Simple curls and half up.

Everything about the day was great. Except that I was missing Marine.

When single, weddings brought on emotions of the +1 syndrome -- or lack of, and made you want to gag on the pure romance and dripping blissful love of it all.

Who knew that it would do the opposite this time and make me miss him more. Yeah that bitch Aunt Flow didn't help any either having shifted my emotions into overdrive. But leave it to Marine to call at just the right moment. I was standing outside waiting around and thankful that my dress had pockets. I told him he was my invisible date and that I was taking so many pictures to send him that he would feel as if he was there. [and yeah I've started mailing him some of my posts along with his letters.... figure he's got to know what he's getting into..... Hi Marine! Love ya! Stay Safe]

Rain was in the forecast for the entire day but Mother Nature decided to grant me one wish despite our recent differences and  held the rain at bay.

The sun and blue skies allowed Giggles to have her perfect outdoor wedding.

Giggles sister was her matron of honor, I was her maid of honor, and Giggles niece was a bridesmaid. And if I do say so myself we all rocked the dresses!
And for a bridesmaid dress (and I've worn my few... this was lucky number 7) it was very comfortable!

I always consider myself cute. Not beautiful or pretty but cute.

But in the dress, with my hair fixed just right, and with my newly fixed smile I felt beautiful. Not to mention the dress actually gave the false impression that I had boobs.

Yeah Marine will probably get that picture and think, "Have they grown since I left?...." Yeah don't get excited. They haven't. Just the dress and a really good push up bra :)

After the ceremony a few more pictures were snapped and then it was off to the reception.

Again excellent food! Well except......

E: "Those fried pickles sure were good!"

Conscious's husband (CH), "Fried pickles?"

E: "Yeah fried pickles."

CH: There were no fried pickles...."

E: "Yeah there were," pointing.

CH: "That's fried squash."

E, looking alarmed: "No it's not."

CH: "haha yeah its squash."

E: "Well maybe there was squash in there but the little round things were hamburger pickles."

CH: "No they weren't."

E: "You must have missed them."

Everybody else at the table is involved in their own conversations. CH looks around and jabs his fork at Conscious's plate and brings a small round fried object to his plate.

CH cutting into the object: "See squash."

E: "No wonder it tasted funny."

CH is laughing hysterically cause he know's as well as everyone else in my group that I..... DO NOT EAT VEGETABLES.

There I've said it.

Judge me as you wish.

{ There you go Marine. You told me to try new things. I expect squash to be crossed off the list now. }

After diner was dancing. Much dancing.

When a friends 6 year old daughter came up and grabbed my hands and started to twist dance with me I knew the heels had to go. We danced and I twirled her around. Laughing and enjoying the smile that lit up her face. If only I had her energy.

It was a wonderful weekend. I was so happy for Giggles and her newly wedded Husband.

The friends always know. I will never forget the day I met Giggles Husband at another friends wedding. She admitted her crush on him and right then and there I knew he was the one she would one day marry. And sure enough his sister set them up and things went from there. The friends always know first.

One wedding down.

One more to go.

Then before I know it Marine will be home and it will be our turn.

Dance Instructor: "The Wedding Dance is a timeless ritual... Surrounded by a group of family and friends. Watching, smiling, taking bets on how long it's going to last. All you have is each other and whatever skills you acquire today."

~ The Wedding Date ~ 


One of The Guys said...

Wow, you do have a lot to talk about. Sounds like a fun time all around.

One time, my ex-girlfriend from a long time ago and I, went to a hamburger joint. A funny place to go since she was a vegetarian. But we went with a bunch of her friends. She just got a condiment sandwich. I got the whole deal. I was so hungry when we sat down that I ate half of her sandwich before I realized there was no hamburger in it. Your squash story reminded me of that funny moment.

Date Girl said...

Girl, you're crazy! You'll eat fried pickles but not fried squash for dinner?! Lol. Veggies are so good!

I love the dress-it looks great on you. Giggles definitely did a good job of picking out decent dresses. I feel like you could wear that again for Easter or something. It makes the twins look fantastic! Always a plus. :-)

Yay, Marine will be home before you know it.