Friday, March 21, 2014

Tweet Tweet Turning Two is Such a Treat

Birdie Birthday Invitation 
IMG_2198 On March 14 our little girl turned two. 

It is amazing how fast time flies. It seems like just yesterday we were coming home with our little bundle of joy unsure of what to do to take care of her. 

 Somehow we figured it out.... And now we find ourselves parents of a two year old, independent, stubborn, smart, silly, little red head. 

On Saturday the day of her party had arrived. I myself was running around like a chicken with my head cutoff. While Marine... well of course he was as cool as a cucumber... and he had the common sense enough to make himself scarce while I, in last minute fashion, tried to make everything just perfect. Perhaps years of marriage have taught him it better to be cussed from afar.... In reality a Marine buddy was passing through town and he evacuated the house to go eat a quick breakfast with. 

 That is how I found myself day of the party cupcakes un-iced, the princess's birthday cake in the oven, balancing on a chair trying to extended my short five-foot nothing self tall enough to reach to tape up the streamers. Imagine that with a little red head chasing a cat around with extra streamers. At that point I'm not sure who was more frazzled... me... or the cat. Probably the cat.


So it is time for a confession. I confess that I am addicted to Pinterest and truely believe that I to can be crafty, super-mom, Susie homemaker. In reality I cannot quite live up to all that. And that's ok. Even though I have confessed this to myself many times and now for the first time to the universe I can guarantee that in the future I will continue to be knee deep in denial telling myself that I can do what I see on Pinterest.... I tell you this so that you will understand that is how I found myself at the kitchen table hot gluing the IMG_2210pendant banner at 9:00 am while Maddie at her breakfast. I admit though. I'm a details kind of girl. Not a perfectionist... just details. I like the simple touches. So after the banners were made, the cake was out of the oven, the streamers were hung, and the princess was bathed I still had to get ready myself...... oh and make the princesses skirt. Did I forget to mention that little detail? I promise I am usually not this last minute. Ok I'm lying. I work better under pressure. But I normally have a good excuse for waiting till the last minute. And this time is no different. This time my BFF had made the princesses birthday shirt and she had the fabric still from that so I couldn't start on the skirt yet. So there. Scapegoat averted. Ok I would have still probably waited till the last minute anyway. Po-tay-toe, Po-ta-toe. tutu Either way I have to say I may not be Susie homemaker but I am the last minute Queen! Exhibit A: The scrap tutu Thanks to my mother and mother-in-law answering the bat call for help everything was done by the time the first party guest arrived and everything turned out fantastic! I had prayed all week for the rain to hold off and for it to be a pretty day. Thankfully my prayer was answered and the day was gorgeous. What to do for a two year old's birthday? I wanted the kids and adults alike to be entertained so that everyone could have fun. On the porch I IMG_2207 set up three stations. One a bubble table, another a play-doh table (cause really what kid doesn't like play-doh), and a coloring station with several books and abundance of crayons. This was a big hit with the kids, even the older ones, and I think it is safe to say all the kiddos at the party had a blast. Now for the dad's. Cause let's face it as the hubs always says, "Do I have to go?" I mean this is a thing the dad's get dragged to but not always willingly. I wanted them to have fun as well. And I must admit they are much easier to entertain. A 12 pack of beer, a grill, couple packs of hot dogs, and they turn into men with a mission. So they all escaped to the carport where they grilled hotdogs for everyone while drinking a beer and laughing with each other over non-sense stories. It was a wonderful day and a wonderful party. It was great getting together with all of our friends and their kids. It's amazing to see how much we have all grown over the years. Yet nothing has changed. We are all still friends. And now are kids are friends. What more could anyone really ask for. Sigh. I really do love my small town life.      

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phoebe said...

happy 2nd birthday maddie!! crazy how time flies.
the party looked wonderful!!! i'm sure everyone had fun :-)