Friday, January 29, 2010

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful

In the south the mere mention of the word snow or sleet sends everybody in a frantic, frenzy. The grocery stores become packed as people stock up on food as if the world is about to come to an end.


Maybe its because we are ill prepared for snowy, winter weather. Our mountainous roads become slick quickly and make it hard to travel about.
Either way it meant that I got to leave work early. I went to the grocery store for two items: Dr. Pepper and Oreo's. As a kid my dad would always buy Oreo's when snow was predicted. That was the only time he would ever buy Oreo's he said something about the thought of being snowed in made Oreo's and milk sound good. Now that I'm older I have to laugh cause I now always have to have Oreo's if snow is in the forecast!!
Even when Marine and I were on our trip and all the snow was coming down, I had to make him stop so that I could get Oreo's to take to the hotel. Even though Dad may be gone, memories like this will never be forgotten. ♥
Also while at the store I went ahead and said hello to my close friend RedBox, who was so nice as to send me on my way with Julie & Julia and Made of Honor.

While at the store I purchased my first post engagement bridal magazine.

So here is to a night of curling up on the couch with my magazine of ideas, a good movie, and hand full of Oreo's. The weather outside maybe frightful, but inside is so delightful!

Lorelai, "Michel, it's the first snowfall of the season. It's very lucky! Make a wish!"

Michel, "Get away from me."

Lorelai, "Oh, you're not supposed to say it out loud."

(Michel answers the phone.)

Lorelai, (to herself) "The world changes when it snows. It's quiet. Everything softens."

Michel, "It's your mother."

Lorelai, "And then the rain comes."

~ Gilmore Girls ~


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Oh man. I know what you mean. My mom is the same way. Whenever it's raining hard here, she always makes sure to have oreos and milk with me. Have a great weekend

phoebe said...

isn't it funny what we each associate with being snowed in? for me... it's baking. whenever it was snowing, my mom and i would bake. so now. whenever it snows (including the winter wonderland we had saturday), i bake.

i hope you had a nice time with your oreos and dvds!

Date Girl said...

I haven't been snowed in but I get rained in a lot. I crave hot cocoa when its cold. Sounds like a fun night!