Wednesday, January 6, 2010

When the Clock Stikes Midnight Magic Can Happen

New Years eve I left work at 1 and once again started on, my seemingly monthly, eight hour journey to the coast.

The original plan was that Marine would be home for New Years. But the military likes to keep you on your toes and therefore tends to imply last minute changes.

A little past eight I arrive at the apartment and quickly change clothes for a night out on the town! Marine and I grab a bite to eat before traveling downtown to meet up with the rest of the boys. 7 guys and me..... where are my single girls when I need them? They always say they can't find any single guys..... **shake of head** -- anyway back to the story.

Downtown we go from one bar to the next, each one more packed than the last it seems. Despite the alcohol that seems to lace the air, I stay sober. Why? This would have been the perfect, fun, lets-go-out-and-drink night. Maybe it's a sign I'm getting older. Eh as long as your having fun who cares!

At the first bar I have a vodka redbull, which apparently vodka is cheaper than redbull these days because I swear it was straight vodka. A small glass size shot ready to knock me on my butt. I sipped carefully. Once the ice melted it was a no go. Hot vodka?? No. Nope. Don't think so. I swallowed as much as I could before relinquishing the glass to the counter and following the guys out the door to the next place.

As midnight drew near we headed for the last stop. A place I knew I would like instantly for it was named after my poison of choice - Rum Runner's - Dueling Piano Bar. Oh I do love a good rum runner.

Now go back to the name - Dueling Piano Bar - this would be a new experience. Marine ordered a Guinness for him and a Rum Runner for me and we quickly grabbed a table.

The Piano players were AWESOME!!! They played everything from classic rock, to country, to heavy metal.... to well anything and everything! Songs I would never have imagined could be played on the Piano.

As midnight neared and the countdown began Marine took me in his arms and kissed me as the clock struck 12. This was quickly shaping up to be my best new years ever. Relaxing and fun.

I go to the bathroom and when I return everyone is gone, except Marine who is sitting at the table waiting on me.

"They all decided to go down to Oliver Twist," he says answering the unspoken question.

I make a face. Been there, done that, not really worth the money to get in.

"Let's go walk down by the river..." he suggests as he takes my hand and leads me from the bar.

Every time I come up and we are in the historic downtown, we always take a walk by the river. I guess it has kinda become one of our things. As we leave the club we turn the block and walk the short distance down to the river, hand in hand.

I oooo and aaaaa at the beautiful scene before us as the lingering white Christmas lights glisten among the trees (if looking at the pic the river is to the right just out of the shot). Of course I stop and take a few pics before Marine laughing drags be by the hand. We enter the trees and stand by fence looking out over the river. There is a thin fog floating just on top of the otherwise still water. It's a perfect night.

Marine and I stand, arms around each other, talking softly - conversations I can't now remember. I am resting my head on his chest looking out at the water when he softly kisses the top of my head and tells me he loves me. I lean back and look up at him and tell him I love him to. He leans down and kisses me. I feel his left arm loosen as he pulls back. I open my eyes and there he stands holding a red box and within it is a sparkling ring.

One arm still around me holding me close, he asks while smiling, "Will you marry me?"

Now this is about as far as the fairytale goes, because lets face it I couldn't just leave it be could I??

I taken by surprise and I know I am grinning like a fool but what do I say to him??

"You have to get down one knee!" I laugh.

Yes that's right. This is really what I said.

He shakes his head and bends down on one knee. He laughs, "Now will you marry me?"

"Yes, YES! YES!!!!"

He rises still holding the box and grinning at me.

I hug him and he hugs me with one arm the other hand still holding the ring.

"You have to put it on my finger....." I whisper holding up my hand.

He slips his arm from around me and gingerly takes the ring from the box and slides it on my finger.

This was the happiest moment of my life. Funny I thought I had been happy before, but as I stood there it was as if the rest of the world didn't exist and it was just the two of us and for once I knew what real happiness felt like.

Of course I had to ask another couple walking by to take our picture (notice Marine holding his jacket..... you will get the story of it and it roll in the night in an upcoming - Engagement Blooper Post).

After this I excitedly called my mom, who already knew because Marine had asked her permission some time before. Then I called Giggles who screamed excitedly and thanks to the holiday wine was quite tipsy and became teary eyed by my good news.

After standing by the river and relishing in our new relationship status for a bit we both decided we were hungry. We walked up the block a ways till we came to Slice of Life, a local pizzeria that stays open late (picture of course taken during the day). Over pizza slices and a shared beer we sat by the window and celebrated our new engagement shortly after 1 a.m. on what was the best New Years Eve EVER.

I knew 2010 was going to be a good year!

Monica, "I'm engaged! I'm engaged! I'm getting married! I'm gonna be a bride!"

~ Friends ~


phoebe said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG... congrats!! i'm so excitedly happy for you! when do you think you'll get married??

Nicole said...

::Claps hands:: Okay but seriously, your life is like one of those really awesome chick flick movies... I'm not even going to lie. You better just start figuring out who will play you in the feature film right now.

Congratulations!! So very happy for you! :)

jwriter said...

CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS YOU BLOGGED YOUR WAY RIGHT INTO ENGAGEMENT CONGRATS I AM REALLY HAPPY FOR YOU CONGRATS. I remember when I started reading your blog and you were singlegirl and now you are engaged girl!!!!

Date Girl said...

Holy crap!! Who would have thought we'd both be engaged within a month of each other?! YAY!!! Wow, and a lot of the proposal sounds like us, except you guys had a river and we had an ocean. I love that you said get down on one knee-I think I would have too, haha.
Wow wow wow! I have so many questions-this is huge. Remember when I said he was the one? :-) YAYYYY!

ONE of THE GUYS said...

Wow! I love this! So exciting.

The only sad thing is you'll have to change your blog soon. Life of an engaged girl. Life of a married girl....or heaven forbid....woman!!

FYI: I thought I sent all my blogging buds my new address so they could update their blogrolls. But it's very likely I didn't. :( The Guys new address

Anonymous said...

OK so I've been a lurker for quite some time, but I just have to say I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes after reading this. Congratulations, E! :)
God knows I've had my share of heartbreak too and your story gives me hope that just maybe there's hope for me too.

Jenn said...

Thats so exciting!! Congrats!

Unwritten said...

I basically had the same reaction as Phoebe: OMG OMG OMG!!! I am so excited for you. After following and reading everything that has happened to you it amazes me that fairy tales do exist.
And Marine is right, you should try and get your teaching certificate.