Friday, April 26, 2013

Look Whoooo's One

On March 14 Maddie turned one year old. Of course this was cause for a celebration! Not only was our little baby no longer a baby but full fledged on her way to one year old toddler status, but Marine and I the baby dummies had also succeeded in raising a healthy, happy, terror, of a little girl!

We held Maddie’s first birthday party at the restaurant on Sunday, March 17th. I of course went overboard on the DIY and trying to make everything just right and special for Maddie. Needless to say Marine teased me relentlessly and kept reminding me Maddie was one not ten. But when it came down to making the cupcakes who do you think was in charge of icing at 10:30 the night before? Yep that would be good ol' Marine himself! And he did a mighty good job, much better than I would have done I admit!

The theme was Look Whooo's Turning One and just springy fun colors. Nothing over the top, just simple finger foods and cupcakes. And punch. I even made punch! The girl who can barely do anything when it comes to cooking or mixing. Thank goodness for Pinterest and easy recipes is all I got to say! lol

The guest list was composed of our family and friends and their kids. Of course the guys were all to meet and than since it was St. Patty's day they were all going to walk down to the pub for a beer. Needless to say grown men just can't pass up cupcakes! All of us girls had to laugh as the stood around for the whole party watching the shenanigans unfold. 

For the day I did have one big epic fail...... I found a smash owl cake on Pinterest that looked easy enough to make. So being the DIY money saver I try to be I figured easy enough I can make that myself. So my mom and I attempted to make it.... However the icing would just not hold up the eyes and nose like the picture and easy directions showed. Oh well Maddie was going to smash it anyway so nothing to stress about. And oh did she love smashing into it!

She had so much fun! All the bigger kids helped her open her presents which at times she wasn't sure she liked that idea. But then realized she could be in the middle of all the chaos and loved that. She was so funny looking in all the bags and unwrapping the gifts. 

We are so blessed to have such an amazing family and group of friends. I am so happy that our kids will get to grow up together and I hope they will become just as good of friends as we all have been throughout the years. 

It's hard to believe a hear has passed. She is no longer a baby but this tiny little person with a mind of her own and a determination that I did not know could come in that small of a package. I have always heard people say that you can't imagine your life with kids but once you have them you can't imagine life without them. That is oh so true. Maddie has forever changed our lives and Marine and I both awake each morning excited to see what new things Maddie will do that day. 

Now time to enjoy her being one before the terrible two's strike!

Chandler: Emma, how old are you? How old are you today? (He holds up his index finger, and she holds up her finger too.)

Rachel: Oh! Emma, that's right! You're that many!

Ross: Oh my, God! Our daughter's a genius! Rach, this means--

Rachel: No! No science camp!
~ Friends ~


R said...

She is adorable.

Mrs. Match said...

aw happy birthday Maddie! Wow, a year already. Amazing how fast time flies isn't it?

You did a great job with the decorations, and don't be too hard on yourself with the smash cake. I've been there-those pinterest folks make it look so easy!

phoebe said...

happiest of birthdays maddie!! i agree with mrs. match. you did a great job with all of the diy decorations!!!

time certainly flies on by. single. married. kid. wow!! love it. and i'm so happy for you and your adorable family :-)