Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Small Town Football

I was reminded Saturday night just why I love living in a small town. 

The game was scheduled to start at 7:00 and the gates were opening at 6:00. Maddie and I were going with my mom and meeting the rest of the family and my friends there. I figured if we got there about 6:15 we would be sure to find a good seat......

At 6:00 I drove up the hill to my old Alma Matter and was shocked to see cars were already lining the road on the way to the football field. When I say the place was packed I'm not exaggerating! 

By the time I found a parking spot and pack muled all the necessary stuff in and found a seat the stands were full. I couldn't believe at the great turnout! 

Did I mention this Alumni game was also a fundraiser? I'm not sure how the money is split between the company that puts on the games and the part that is donated to the schools but I do know that the school gets a larger portion of pre-sale tickets versus tickets purchased at the game. Our side had sold 1700 pre-sale tickets and the other team 1300. For two small towns that is quite a bit. Just shows that in the south we love our football!

The game was great! It was fun watching and cheering for Marine and watching our little munchkin cheer for Da-da! Vixen had been sweet enough to make Maddie her own spirit shaker. And boy did it get used!! 

The game was exciting and much better then I expected to be for a bunch of old guys playing. ;) Our team may have been playing it's biggest rival but it was also great to see all the good sportsmanship what was displayed. After each play members from each team would help the others up. All these men were just so happy to be playing a game they loved once again. It was great for the younger generations to see the good sportsmanship, I think though.

Marine played awesome! Up until the end of the second quarter when he blocked a guy three times his size and pulled his hamstring. The second half of the game he ran a few plays but mainly stayed on the sidelines. I hated that he got hurt but was relieved it wasn't worse then was. 

Of course he said, "Practice for 8 weeks and only got to play to quarters...." so he was a little disappointed but overall he had such a wonderful time. Him and the others are already talking about next year! Just goes to show you never really grow up. 

Also note in the picture Marine has on white cleats..... cleats he has had since high school. They have seen better days and need to be retired. But ah Marine is such a cheap skate! Lol I even went and bought him a new pair of cleats for Valentines day and he took them back saying it was crazy to spend that much money on a pair of shoes he would only wear for one game. I thought he was crazy but come game time was thankful he is such a cheapo! Why? Because everyone else had on black shoes and him in the white ones was so easy to spot!! lol

The game was so close. At half time we were ahead 14 to 13. In the second half the other team made a comeback though and scored another touchdown to win the game. Even though we lost it was a wonderful night! I enjoyed sitting with Nurse Betty and Conscious and running into old friends I hadn't seen since high school.

Sometimes living in a small town can get a little old. But times like these remind me why I love it so. Seeing the support of the community behind this event was wonderful!! In the end our team ended up raising $16,000 for the High School Sports programs.  

And in case you were wondering Marine's butt did look good in those tight pants! ;)

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phoebe said...

how fun is that!??! i'm totally picturing 'varsity blues' with your small towns and football. love it!

i'm glad that marine is a ok and was able to play the amount he did :-)

ps. maddie is adorbs!!