Thursday, January 27, 2011

How Young's To Young?

I watch Good Morning America every morning as I get ready for work. Today they did a story - Are Tweens To Young For Makeup? - 
"Walmart is introducing a new line of cosmetics, but this one is designed for girls 8- to 12-years-old. They might be on to something considering the tween makeup market rakes in more than $24 million per year. The top sellers are lip gloss, eye shadow and mascara."

I listened to the story but didn't really give it much thought.

Then on my drive to work my favorite radio morning show DJ's were also discussing it and it got me to thinking. 

How young is to young? 

I tried to recall how old I was when I first started wearing makeup...... but who am I kidding I hardly wear makeup now!

If I had a daughter I'm not sure I'd let her wear makeup at such an early age unless it was playing dress up. I mean 8 years old and full makeup? Let kids enjoy being kids.

Now lip gloss.... Yes thats ok but full makeup like eyeshadow and mascara? Probably not.

Whats your thoughts?


R said...

I think high school. When girls get to high school if they want to wear minimal make up, fine. But I work at a middle school and it kills me to see the girls come in with more make up on than me. They are too young for that. It's like they are trying to be little adults already.

phoebe said...

i think upper middle school to high school is the appropriate age for full on make up (obviously not hoochie make up, but like normal every day make up). i think i might have been in 8th grade?!

i feel in general, the girls these days are starting to do everything (i mean everything) way too young.

Date Girl said...

Definitely too (2 os in this version of too by the way, sorry OCD is kicking in) young, unless they have some minor acne, and then I would just help them cover it up. I didn't get to start wearing mascara and eye shadow until I was in 7th grade. For us that was middle school, and it seemed like the appropriate age.
I'm with you, let kids be kids.