Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Maybe..... Maybe Not

Maybe I spoke to soon.

So the wedding coordinator said the owner of the location said yes that I just had to call him and work out the details.....

Sounds simple, right?

So she gave me his number and I called last night, he didn't answer. Ok maybe he's busy. I leave a message.

It's ok we have the place just got to work out the details.

There's that feeling deep down that says not to get to excited just yet. But I ignore it.... I mean he said yes! What's there to worry about?

Today I still hadn't heard from him. But he's a school teacher. He's at work, no biggie.

By this evening I had not heard from him.

Do I call again? Or wait for him to call me?

That nagging feelings getting stronger and I'm ready to get rid of it and work out all the details for securing the location.

So I call.

The conversation does not goes as planned.

I realize that maybe the coordinator misunderstood. I start to get flustered as he asks me to basically sell myself and why he will need a website.

My mind goes blank but I recover quickly and start telling him the pros and why he needs a website.

He says he uses a template editor now thats offered through his host.

I explain that I can design him a logo and design his site so that it will appeal to brides and other potential clients.

He asks what the normal cost would be for that type of service. I explain that I don't have a set rate, I charge depending on the clients need and the content. For example the less info more basic site is cheaper than something that is larger and requires more detail, etc.

I quote him a price.

At this point I am completely flustered! I have been caught off guard completely and my confidence is down. I'm not a salesperson. This coming from a girl who worked in sales for 8 years. I'm not going to sell someone something they don't want. Cause if you do they aren't going to be happy about it and they're going to come back to you and complain.

I tell him I understand his concerns.

He says to let him think about.

I almost would rather he just straight up said no than to suffer the suspense.

He asks when I need to know by.

I said by this weekend if at all possible so that I way I can make other arrangements if need be.

The wedding is 100 days away.

Let the wedding emotional roller coaster resume! Can anyone pass me a barf bag please?


One of The Guys said...

Hey! Sorry I've been out of touch. I hope all is well.

Don't go by his reaction. You never know what he's really thinking. I once called a club owner for a gig and this is how the conversation went.
Me, "Hey so and so. How are you?"
Him, "Fine until you called."
Me, I fake laugh. But I really want to kill him. I say, "Okay."
Then I say,"So do you have any open dates for my band?"
He says,"Sure."
Then he gives me two dates.
It was the weirdest conversation.
So good luck. You never know.
Happy New Year!

Nicole said...

Oh geeze! Sending tons of positivity your way, fingers crossed for you!

phoebe said...

i'm a little confused.... why do you have to sell yourself to use his facilities for your wedding? shouldn't he be selling himself to you so you WANT to use HIS facilities? :-\ good luck!!!

phoebe said...

never mind!! i get it now :-) it helps if i read the posts in order. doh!

E said...

Thanks "Guys". Your right you never really know what someone's thinking so I'm just going to wait it out a few days.

Thank you Nicole!

And Phoebe its ok I don't always read in order either! lol :)

Sorry this post was kinda written last night when I was emotional as well lol

Date Girl said...

oh man! Just when everything was coming together. Yes, like the Guys said, don't lose hope, you never know. But just for your sanity, I'd start working on the backup plan, like cleaning up the barn. If you don't end up using it, then the barn is still clean. Win win! :-)

I really hope he pulls through though. I know that you loved that place. Fingers crossed!