Thursday, February 3, 2011

Having A Hay Day

Staying consistent with the atmosphere of the day Marine and I (ok maybe more I than Marine) have decided to use hay bales for seating during the ceremony. 

I just think its a beautifully romantic simplistic idea...... you could almost hear me sigh there in contented bliss couldn't ya?

Just imagine it though the hay bale seating. The aisle is lined with flowers held in Mason Jars hung simply on Shepard's hooks. The blooming vineyard in the backdrop.... 
Marine in his Dress Blues. Me riding in on Miss B. 

Yep totally "us".

Having a hard time picturing the hay bale seating? Here are a few ideas courtesy of Google Images:

I mean isn't it charming? 

Realistically I know that not all guests are going to be able to sit on low-to-the-ground-hay-bales; like grandparents for example. So to the outskirts of the hay bales will be white rocking chairs. 

I am also going to drape something over the hay bales like in the pictures of above. I don't want to cover up the hay completely, mainly just the top so that its not sticking a woman wearing a dress in the legs. I'm not sure yet if I should do just an ivory fabric or a burlap material or what. I was going to do a neutral color so they weren't the first thing that draws your attention when you step out on the back deck and proceed down to the ceremony. 

Or should I use red some in it to add some color? Hmmm.... feel free to give me some feedback!

I just love the hay bale idea. For one it's budget friendly! I mean renting chairs can be quite and expensive, and I have a barn full of hay. 

Marine may not appreciate it entirely but I think I'm kicking wedding budget booty here.

Ok appreciate isn't the right word there..... realize may be a better word. But that's for another post 

Miranda, looking at a bride magazine: Ooh! Cute purse!
Charlotte: No purses! There's no time for purses! This is gown-specific!
Miranda: What's your theme again? A Nazi wedding?
~ Sex and The City ~


Date Girl said...

Hay bales are perfect! I love it. It fits the theme, the venue, your personalities. I like that you planned ahead for grandparents too. Also, looking at the pictures, it seems that some of the bales could be set up with a slight backrest to them in case some people are uncomfortable. But as long as your ceremony isn't hours long I don't think it will matter.

What are the colors for your wedding again? You could alternate, some burlap or white, some red, just for little splashes of color. I'm all about less is more, so you could let the flowers be the pops of color and it would look beautiful too. Ahhhh can't wait to see the pictures!

E said...

Wedding colors are black and red to go with his uniform :) And yeah we are going for short and sweet ceremony so shouldn't be to long for people to sit.