Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Big V

Having Marine home is wonderful! 

It still doesn't feel real though that he doesn't have to go back.

On Valentine's day we drove about an hour away to go to the horse sale. Yeah we're romantic like that. On the drive Marine starts grinning telling me he knows where we can stop and pick up diner along the way.

The Big V. A sorta local mom and pop burger restaurant. 

I joked that we ate at the Big V for the Big V.

I'm corny, but at least I crack myself up :)

Tuesday night I decided to play domestic goddess and cook diner. The thought of me cooking diner makes most of my friends burst into fits of laughter. They like to say I can't cook. I mean just because a person makes a few mistakes should they be branded for life? Mix up teaspoon and tablespoon ONE time and they never let you forget it....

Diner was a success considering it is now Thursday and Marine is still alive and showing no side affects from food poisoning. 

Last night was the first night of house sitting for my co-worker that is out of town on a cruise. So far so good. The cats haven't killed me yet but sinus pressure is increasing. The daschunds have multiplied since the last time I house sat for her. She went from 2 to 4. They are cute dogs but give a whole new meaning to spoiled rotten!


phoebe said...

i'm so happy that you have marine home with you.

the big v. looks great. i love local ma and pop places. they are generally the best :-)

hahahaha. tablespoon. teaspoon. i chuckled out loud. what did you end up making for dinner?

try and make the best of housesitting. just think of the dollar signs that you'll be getting when it's over.

R said...

I'm glad you have your man back. Looks like yall had a nice Valentines. And if you need help with cooking let me know. I'll help you pick the right measuring tools!

Saelen Ghose said...

Glad you had a fun V day.

Anytime someone cooks for you it's a good day. I'm sure you're just being modest.

Date Girl said...

Yayyy Marine is back! :-) 4 Dogs?! That's just way too many.