Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Post In Which I Realize I May Not Be Perfect

Life is made up of good days, down days, and everything else in between. Now let's be real I write mainly about the good days because let's face it who really wants to remember the bad?

The same can be said about relationships. Thankfully mine and Marine's relationship is mainly comprised of good great days.

But what about those few, in between bad days?

I realize that Marine isn't....... *Gasp, Shock* perfect....... and even bigger shock --- I'm not either.

Shock I know. I mean here I've been all this time thinking I'm perfect.... just kidding :)

Marine comes home Sunday. We've been counting down to this day for nearly two years now.

He will arrive late Sunday night. I work all next week of course and he has appointments with the VA and other things related to getting things set up for life after the Marines.

So next weekend I was looking forward to some "us" time. Time to unwind and just relax.

Expect did I forget to mention that I'm house sitting next week? Remember the co-worker that I house sat for last May? The one who's cats nearly killed me? { If you don't remember read this post. }

Well she now has two more terrors dogs.

At first I really didn't want to house sit for her again. Mainly because I have so much other stuff going on I really didn't want to make any additional commitments.... and secondly because I really didn't want to suffer the attacking cat allergies again.

It would be Wednesday to Monday.

Marine points out that it's easy extra money. I know he's right and I end up caving and agreeing to do it.

Besides Marine will be there so at least maybe he can recesitate me if the cats do succeed in their attempt to kill me.

So we postponed the "first weekend" home day trip we were going to take and I told co-worker I would house sit for her.

That was weeks ago, fast-forward to last night---------> Marine gets a wonderful opportunity to go to Daytona and work some Nascar race this next weekend. Ok it's not just any Nascar race, it's the Daytona race which is apparently a huge race (or at least from past knowledge I've gained from Vivi).

Marine doesn't follow Nascar but it's still a great opportunity for him to go and make some extra money.

He agrees to go and work it.

Now I get slightly upset cause this is his first weekend home! I know its being selfish but we have both been counting down to him coming home and I have been looking forward to it so much!

I'm not mad at him by any means, just slightly disappointed.

I think I have a right to be disappointed. He see's my point of view and I see his. Plus I know its a neat opportunity for him that he might not get again. I don't want him to pass it up yet for selfish reasons I also don't want him to go.

Yes I'm a crazy witch. That's why I vent here instead of out loud.


One of The Guys said...

I can totally see why you'd be upset. It's a tough call all around. Hopefully he'll make it up to you. :)

You don't say what he's doing there??

Nice to be back. We're blogging on The Guys' Network dot com these days.

Take care!

phoebe said...

i can see both of your points. the boy and i have had similar situations. at the moment they are tough and upsetting but in the end, it actually works out.

and yeah. daytona 500 is a big deal, hahaha. its the big opening race of the season, not that i'm a huge race go-er but there are some hotties that race :-)

Bdubs said...
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Date Girl said...

I hear you girl, and I'd be disappointed too. I don't take disappointment well. I tend to act like a total brat and then eventually I get over it. Venting on the blog is a great way to get your frustration out, vent away!!

Is he going to be gone all weekend for this thing, or is there a way he can compromise? So you can see each other and so he can go to the race? And he's moving in right? That's gotta be so exciting!