Wednesday, May 4, 2011

You Go Girl, Work That Pole!

Saturday when I arrived at Vixen's house I still wasn't quite sure what to expect. I arrived with two bags as instructed. One consisting of work out clothes and high heals. The other with overnight clothes.

Per instruction I changed into my workout clothes and heels completely stumped on what it was we were going to be doing.

Giggles and Vixen were all smiles as the 3 of us loaded up into the car headed to destinations unknown.

I had been trying to come up with where we might be going and decided that maybe we were going to Sips n Strokes - a place where you drink wine and paint. Red and I had talked awhile back about wanting to attend one of their events so I thought maybe that's what we were doing and the girls were just trying to throw me off......

I could not have been more wrong.

The last minutes of the car ride I was blindfolded and threatened to not peak.

At last we came to stop and Vixen helps me out of the car laughing the entire time at the surprise she has in store for me.

Then all of a sudden the blindfold is dropped and there in front of me is Giggles, Alice, LC, and Will --- all grinning from ear to ear. And then I turn and gasp in shock.

OMG!!! There are poles everywhere!

"SURPRISE!" they laugh giddily.

"Here drink this," Giggles gives me a glass of wine.

"Did you really not figure it out?" Vixen questions.

"No, I would never have guessed this," I replied honestly.

We sat and drank wine and laughed while we waited on the instructor.

I was so glad Will was able to come! I haven't talked much about Will except to say he's the Will to my Grace. Expect he may be more of a Jack than a Will....... oh well anyway. We all grew up together and Will and I commuted to college even for several years. I love him to death and know that one day he will be a big shot news anchor and then you will have the chance to fall in love with him to.

Quote from Will, "Time to work the stripper pole! No seriously...I figure if this whole news reporting thing doesn't pan out I gotta have a back up! Let's do this!"

Seriously to funny.

Can you guess the shoe? I'm the red and black Zebra.... GRR ;)

The next two hours were spent twisting and turning and trying to look sexy (try being the key word on my part). 

We had a blast! It was so much fun and who knew that it could be such a workout!! Two days later I still feel the burn in my abs and arms. 

Also there are a few bruises on my knees that could be a little hard to explain......... lol I would show you a picture but the whiteness of my legs around the bruise would blind you. Seriously.

After the class we headed back to Vixen's where Conscious, Red, Babbles, Hollywood, Ford Wife and a few others waited with next surprise. 

I was greeted and this was thrown on head.

Why yes, it is a penis crown! lol

The next surprise being a Passion Party. Remember I attended one of these while Marine was deployed (post). It was a complete surprise and a lot of fun. There were even games. Yes, I did say games. She divided everyone into two teams and gave them a few materials and told them to make some kind of outfit. Giggles and I got to be the judges. Both teams did an excellent job, but in the end we had to give to Babbles team for creativity. 
Then it was time for cake..... now this was the part of the night that totally made me blush!!

Wondering what it was made of??? The privates were rice krispi treat!

Interesting to say the least!! lol

Overall it was a fun night with a lot of laughs.

Rachel: We did not know you wanted a stripper, so we went to the phone book and got the first name we could find.
Phoebe: How old's your phone book!?

~ Friends ~


phoebe said...

i knew it!! did you have fun? i'm smiling just reading your post!!

that cake is great! did someone make it or was it bought some where?


Date Girl said...

hahahaha, omg that is awesome! I've heard that pole dancing is actually a great workout. That cake is freakishly realistic! hehehe. So glad you had such an awesome party!

R said...

I knew it! And I'm glad you had fun. I love the pole class I take.