Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Day Late & A Dollar Short

A day late and a dollar short.

For some reason that slogan has been playing through my mind today.

Ever have those days? No matter what happens you feel like you've missed the bus?

This month I have felt that way. Like I can't quite catch up.

Take my day today for example:

In the morning I don't just get myself ready for the day ahead. I have many furry children who must also be prepared for the newly dawning day.

  • Feed two dogs and a rabbit
  • Go to the barn grain, hay and water seven horses.
  • Turn several of the horses out for the day (but not all - we must rotate because some do not play nice with others)
  • Feed barn dog and two barn cats
So besides getting myself ready that makes 13 others I also got ready for the day -- all before 8:30 a.m. Now I'm not complaining I love my animals and there is nothing more peaceful than being at the barn first thing in the morning. It's truly therapeutic.
    Then I went to Job #1. Here I did the dance of answering phones, working on websites, fighting with the copy machine -- you know the typical day.

    Then I went to Job #2. Worked feverishly trying to turn the paperwork mountain into a paperwork molehill. I needed to be out of the office by 5:30. At 5:30 the mountain had become a smaller foothill. I saved some stuff on my hard-drive to take home and do. 

    In a rush I left the office and headed home to change out of my work slacks into jeans, t-shirt and old shoes. I headed to the barn to feed the horses again. Brought some horses in - let others out into the back field. 

    Left to attend the Saddle Club work day. Worked at the Saddle Club till about 8:45 preparing the upcoming Horse Show we are hosting this weekend.

    Went back to the barn and got the rest of the horses inside and settled for the night.

    Got to the house around 9:15 and made a beeline for the shower. Took a steaming hot shower and then switched on my laptop. Threw some clothes in the washing machine, fed the rabbit and other two dogs. Settled down to finish up the paperwork I brought home from the office. Then logged into Godaddy to upload a website I had finished for a local landscaping company (I dabble in websites on the side). My FTP account is not wanting to connect. Get that fixed get the site uploaded. Finish up with rest of paperwork.

    Go to take clothes out of washing machine to put in the dryer. I open the washing machine, it is still full of water!!! And the knob is on the rinse cycle but the machine is doing nothing...... I turn the knob around and putt on rinse and pull the knob. The machine kicks to life. I let it go a minute and then realize the water is not draining. It's just sloshing around.. Hmmmm.... I'm not "Washing Machine Maintenance Pro" but it doesn't take a genius to see something is wrong. 

    I play around with the settings to no avail. 

    I have no clue what to do. So I take my laundry basket and start filling it full of soaking wet clothes. I head to the bathroom where I kneel over the tub and rinse the clothes out then hanging them in random places to dry some. 

    The washing machine is still full of water. And I admit I have no clue. 

    Charlie: "Okay, I can do this. I just turn it on and stick 'em in."
    Alan: "It's a washing machine, not a cocktail waitress."
    ~ Two & A Half Men ~

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    Date Girl said...

    Ugh, I had that happen once with my old washing machine. Ended up having to unplug it and drain it. Called the repair person and it had some sort of faulty part. I hope yours gets fixed easily (and cheaply!) enough.

    Hope you have a good weekend!!