Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Friday afternoon Marine's sister (who is 15) and I took my Mom, Marine's Mom, and Marine's Grandma all out for their Mother's Day surprise.

As we walked along our small town streets I could tell they all still had no clue where we were going but as we approached the pottery shop I decided to go ahead and spill the beans. Marine-Sis and I were taking them to a clay making class.

I wish I could take credit for the great idea.... but I can't. It was all Marine's idea, modified slightly. He originally suggested a pottery class, but the place we were going only had enough pottery wheels for three people. So the instructor suggested a clay making class.

It was so much fun!!!

We were able to each complete two projects. The first project was a tea cup sorta looking thing ~ Mine turned out looking more like a goblet. And like me it was a little lopsided.

The neat thing was everyones looked different; all the way from the design to the shape of them. All were similar size but where mine was rounded, my mom's was more square (see picture of mine to the right before coloring and blazing).

Once done with those we started on the next project. The instructor gave us the option of making a wall plaque or a bowl. I decided to make a wall plaque that Marine and I could use in our new home when he gets back. So I put my future name down the right hand side and the design on the left. I plan on hanging it by the door... if it turns out ok.

Everyone else decided to make the wall plaque, expect for my mom who decided to go with the bowl.

We all had such a wonderful time and it was a great way to do something for my mom and Marine Mom for Mothers Day. I think it helped make it even more special to Marine Mom knowing that Marine had had a part in it to.

Now we just have to wait a week or so for them to be blazed!

After this I said quick goodbyes and headed to the barn. I fed Horse her diner and then went to the house to change and exchange my flip-flops for boots. After getting horse ready I was off to the Horse Show. I'M SO EXCITED IT'S RACING SEASON AGAIN!!

At the show I met up with Vixen who wasn't showing till Saturday night but came to offer moral support. It was alot of waiting. My first class was Texas Barrels and I didn't run till nearly 1 a.m. -- In and out. We ran the pattern in 9.6 seconds which won Horse and I fourth place. So we had waited nearly four hours for less than 10 seconds. But let me tell you so worth it! Nothing like the Adrenaline Rush! (picture is of me and Horse)

I had signed up for clover-leaf barrels and the arena race but by 1:30 I realized that if I stayed I wouldn't get home till nearly 4 a.m. I had a busy day planned for Saturday so I loaded horse up and headed back home.

Saturday morning, after not near enough sleep, I got up and headed for a Bridal Tea that was being held for Giggles.

I had never been to a Bridal Tea before and really wasn't sure what to expect. Upon arrival Giggles's mom poured me a glass of Vodka Tea and right then and there I decided Bridal Tea's weren't that bad. Lots of fancy food, pretty dresses, and an abundance of mixed drinks = much laughter.

I had other places to be so only one special tea for me, but I did leave with the recipe.

I went to the barn and took care of the horses and then headed to the house that I will be staying at for the next. A co-worker and her husband are going on a cruise so while they are going I was to house sit and take care of  their two small dogs and countless cats.

When I told her I would house sit I knew that she had cats..... what I didn't understand was that some of them were inside cats. Yeah, I'm allergic to cats. Not a pretty picture.

I've always had barn cats but not inside cats.

Thank goodness for benadryl!

Sunday for Mother's day my mom and I went out to eat lunch and then went for a trail ride. It was a beautiful day!

After the ride I worked around the barn and then headed to Marine's Grandparents house to eat diner with his family.

I can't believe just a few short months ago how nervous I was going to these family events by myself! Now it seems almost natural and that I'm one of the family - I'm ready for Marine to be home to enjoy these moments to.

Marine-Sis left with me and came back to stay the night with me and hold down the fort.

So far: Cats -1 / Benadryl - 0


One of The Guys said...

Thanks for letting us know about the problem yesterday. It's been a tough transition, moving, new site, trying to get the podcast going, etc. I'm hoping it's all squared away today.

Anyway, you're still blowing me away with this horse racing! Cool shots.

I remember going to camp where there was horse back riding. I was in first grade. I won first place in the competition, mainly because I smiled, sat up straight and looked cute. It was a huge thrill. I can only imagine what it would be like to gallop. I'd be too chicken now.

Date Girl said...

I love the idea of the wall plaque. My future last name is kind of cringe worthy though so I don't think I'll be putting up a big sign. Someday I may reveal it just because it's really funny. That was such a great mother's day gift for your moms!

Fun fun fun with the horse races. I love that picture of you both. What a great way to stay in shape-I know you horse riders have crazy strong muscles.

The Bridal tea is cute. What are you doing for your shower? I guess you've still got awhile since it's a year away. My girls started planning my shower and I'm so excited for it!