Friday, February 26, 2010

Bittersweet Goodbye

I sit at work (working hard obviously) anxious to start on my journey -- aka long ass car ride -- to base.

I look forward to a weekend with Marine but I dread the ending when we will say goodbye beside a Greyhound bus. Bittersweet.

Enough negative.
Focus only on the positive.

I'm still a little doped up on cold/flu medicine. I feel great except for my throat. Sand paper city. And to a girl that loves to eat this is like an unwelcome forced diet. One that will make my jeans fit a little better but other than that is absolutely good for nothing.

Cold medicine and an 8 hour car drive..... anyone else seeing this as a disaster waiting to happen? No? Maybe just me. It's ok though I got a cooler of Monster to counteract the cold medicine.

I could always wait and leave tomorrow morning, but that would be loosing a day. So I'm leaving today after work.

Marine and I will have a fun weekend, then his family will join us Tuesday.

Hopefully I will feel better soon. I'm so tired of this crud! But the sun shining outside keeps promising me that spring is just around the corner.

Have a great weekend everybody! Please keep Marine and the other troops in your thoughts and prayers!

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phoebe said...

awww. i hope it went ok... thinking about you....