Thursday, February 11, 2010

~ Love Is In The Air ~

So the countdown has begun. It is mere days to what is sure to be the most disappointing day of the year to any woman in a relationship.

Yes you read that right. And yes I am talking about the big V-day a.k.a. Valentine's Day.

On Valentine's Day most women get their hopes up - thanks to crafty commercials that portray men as wonderful, thoughtful creatures (sorry guys I know you mean well) - and then when their significant other doesn't live up to those expectations they become disappointed.

So much pressure for just one day.

Know with that stated I love Valentine's Day. I'm not really sure why, but I do. Even as a single girl I looked forward to V-Day, and last year was a great V-Day spent with Vivi. Maybe its the hope that it brings. The hope of love and of good things to come.

I am excited cause Marine will be coming home this weekend (I haven't seen him in over a month)! That is the best Valentine gift I could have asked for. We have both agreed that what we decide to do will depend on the weather. We were hoping for a sunny day in which we could saddle the horses and go for a ride and a picnic. But the weatherman shattered that perfect image with the promise of snow in the forecast.

Marine and I decided we would play it by ear, but knowing that all restaurants will be packed we said we would celebrate Valentine's Day when I go up there in a few weeks. It's not when you celebrate anyway, it's what you celebrate. Celebrate each other and the love you have.

Ahh but Marine is always a little sneaky and he said he had something in mind that we could do Sunday. Of course he won't tell me what it is, because I think we have all learned he is the master of surprises!

But that's ok I have a few surprises of my own. I got the pictures back from the photo shoot and they turned out excellent! Who knew I had a sexy look? I for one didn't! Now perhaps I should state these pictures are very tasteful, everything is covered up and they are artistically done.

Marine knew about the photo shoot but he doesn't know of the different things I wore, such as his dress blues jacket *wink, wink*! So he is sure to be surprised.

"We were dressed from head to toe in love... the only label that never goes out of style."
~ Carrie, SATC ~

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Date Girl said...

I've really never had a fun experience with Singles Awareness Day. Last year was nice, but it wasn't much different than any of our other date nights in.
This year he has to work at 10 too, so Valentine's Day means empty bed for me :-( I like your idea of celebrating on a different day. I have been working out a lot, and I do have a couple of cute outfits I can surprise Match with.

I'm excited that Marine will be home for you though! And I can't wait to hear about his reaction to the pictures!