Monday, February 22, 2010

The Engagement ~ Bloopers Edition

Ok awhile back I said I would post an Engagement Blooper Edition. In the previous post you got the good stuff of the night ~ The Fairy Tale Edition ~ so to speak.

Now here are the moments that make the Fairy Tale a little more realistic.....

Upon arriving at the apartment Marine and I decide to grab a bite to eat before meeting up with the other guys. The closest place that didn't look totally packed was Hooters. We go in and are immediately seated. A waitress approaches and takes our drink order and says our server will be right with us. Marine ordered a sweet tea, I my normal - Dr. Pepper. Maybe we would have been better off with a beer to dull the pain of the waitress.

She approaches. Cute, perky, tan - you know the typical Hooters girl. And then she opens her mouth..... out comes the fakest southern drawl you have ever heard. So exaggerated you knew it was fake. I mean take ten minutes to say a word, annoying!

Neither one of us is really that hungry so we decide to split the mini burgers - 4 mini burgers and fries. We tell her 2 of the burgers we want how they come and 2 we would like plain with just cheese (yes I'm the difficult one).

Our food arrives. Its wrong. All wrong. All the burgers are the same ~ all the way. I don't like to cause a fuss so I tell Marine I will just scrape the stuff off I don't like and eat them. At this point though Marine is totally aggravated with our waitress and says no we will send it back.

Marine nicely explains to the girl that our order is wrong. In her fake "oh wooos me" southern drawl she apologizes and takes the plate back.

We wait another ten minutes. She brings out our order. It's still wrong. Now all the burgers are plain. No cheese, no nothing.

I beg Marine to just eat it. But at this point its as if the dim-witt waitress has declared battle. Again he tells her they are wrong. He never looses his cool. He is friendly and if she would have paid attention she would have understood our 'not so complicated order'.

She again takes the plate.

"Our food is about to be spit on...." I mutter.

"This is ridiculous," Marine replies.

I have been a waitress, I know sometimes you can take the order correctly and then have the kitchen mess it up. It happens. I understand. But this girl was more worried about her fake drawl and her false boobs being pushed up just enough to keep the attention of the guy at the next table over who sat alone - eyes on her at all times.

She brings the burgers back. THEY ARE STILL WRONG!!! They are still plain, but now with cheese half way slapped on them.

I see smoke coming out of Marine's ears but hunger has won over. He dips his head in defeat and just thanks the waitress before she walks away.

Our eyes meet and we laugh. "Pass me the ketchup," he says.

We eat the burgers. Which at this point are burnt, cold, and not even remotely good.

We leave and head downtown to meet the other guys.

It's a warm evening, in my 3-quarter length sleeves I decide the air is warm enough not to take a jacket.

As Marine parks and we climb out of the 4Runner I say, "It's so warm I'm just going to leave my jacket in the car."

"Ok," he replies his jacket in hand.

"Why are you taking yours? You don't want to carry it all night."

"It may get cold later."

Again I tell him, "You don't want to carry it all night." what I really mean is 'I know you'll end up drunk and I'll have to carry it and I don't want to carry it all night!'

"Yeah it'll give us room to carry stuff. Give me your camera I'll put it in the pocket."

"It's ok I got my camera."

"Well I'm still going to bring it, I know you and you'll get cold later."

I sigh but as we get on the elevator I silently curse the jacket and the fact I know I will be lugging it around later.

Needless to say Marine does not let the jacket out of his grasp, much less his sight. And I am completely clueless!

So as we stood by the river and he pulled the ring box from the jacket, I understood the importance of the jacket.

And I felt like an ass for pretty much insisting he leave it behind :)

Of course there were other bloopers ~ but these were the highlights. Hope they at least made you laugh :)

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Kelly said...

This is great---haha! Thanks for sharing. I love the "reality" that actually leads up to such a romantic moment, especially dumb fake Hooters chick. Marine was probably excited that he caught you totally off guard. I love this story, thanks for sharing!