Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Key To A Happy Marriage

Bored and killing time I decide to start looking up Honeymoon destinations. Marine and I have already said that we want to take a nice honeymoon, and spend less on the wedding. And since we will be paying for it we may as well do what we want. Before he left for training we also concluded that a cruise was probably going to be the best way to go. Cause cruises are a deal right now!

Also Marine and I are outdoorsy people so of course we want to do excursions. Two of things we agreed we would like to do is: 1. See the Mayan Ruins and 2. Zip line thru the forest.

So searching online (way in advance mind you) I find a great deal! May 2011 (told way in advance) 7 day cruise, Western Caribbean - going all the places we want to go. I look at the excursions and create a list of prices, time, etc so that Marine and I can discuss it when he gets back from training.

I am giddy though with excitement and despite the fact I know he may not get my text I send him one anyway, "Ok I know your phone is dead so your not going to get this for awhile cause your phones dead yada, yada! lol but I'm to excited I found us a great honeymoon cruise...." I continue to tell him the price and a few of the details.

Several hours later, to my surprise, he replies, "Hey Sweetie thats great use my card and book it! Where does it leave from and what day in May? I love you!"

Wait.... that was way to easy.....
I reply, "That's it? Lol you don't even look at it and you tell me to book it?! haha we gotta talk about it a little more than that."

His response, "Ur my future wife and I trust you, It sounds fun and its something we both wanna do."

We discuss it a little more and I explain there are 2 cruises for the same price with just slightly different stops. So we agree to discuss it when he returns.

I have to admit though, I think Marine has learned the first rule of a happy marriage....... give her anything she wants - as long as she's happy, you'll be happy!

lol just kidding :)

Ticket Agent,"Okay, Mr. Bing, you'll be in 25J,and Mrs. Bing, you're in 25K."
Monica, "Oh, no, you see, um, we're on our honeymoon. So, um, can you do you're little thing and bump us up to first class?"
Ticket Agent, "I'm sorry, all the first class seats are taken. That couple got the last two."
Monica, "You see, if we'd gone around them like I said, then she would have given us those tickets! Damn it!"
Chandler, "25J and K. Any chance those aren't together?"
~ Friends ~


Date Girl said...

Haha, he sounds just like Match. Anything to do with planning and scheduling he trusts me to do it. Don't you love the sound of that, "Future Wife". :-)

phoebe said...

lol. the boy is like that too. he'd much rather me just plan things b/c he knows how 'picky' i am. haha.

cruises are the bestest. you will totally love it. i went a million years ago with jolly green. they are the best no think vacations. perfect for a honeymoon!

One of The Guys said...

All Guys learn this at some point. But Marine is a faster learner than most!

But it's a give and take thing. You two make a nice couple.