Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jackass And A Corn Maze Type of Weekend

Friday evening Marine and I met up with some of his friends for diner and a movie.

Diner was delicious!!

The movie of the night was Jackass 3D (not my choice). I may be the only person in America that has not seen the other Jackass Movies. It was an ok movie.... it had its funny parts.... but it also had it's totally gross moments in which I couldn't even look.

Totally a guys movie.

Saturday Marine and I worked on our new "project" -- more to come on this later. And then ventured into town for lunch at the local pub and to walk around the downtown Fall Festival that takes over our town every October.

It was a beautiful day! The weather was perfect, on of those fall days you just want to bask in the sun.

Saturday evening we met up with Vixen, VB and Marine's 2 best friends and their wives and headed for a corn maze.

We arrive and the guys quickly suggest that we split up into teams; guys versus girls.

Now Vixen and I may be a little to competitive.... and that is putting it mildly.

We accept the challenge and each group quickly splits up. I have the map and Vixen is the lead. I follow behind her never taking my eyes off the map but keeping her jacket in my peripheral vision. The other two girls follow behind, having to jog at times to keep up with mine and Vixen's fast pace.
The Corn Maze Map

We rush from checkpoint to checkpoint. Every once in awhile we will hear one of our guys holler to another one but we don't really give it a second thought. We continue to rush knowing that we are in the lead.
Punch Card

There is no way the guys are going to beat us!

Then VB crosses are path.


We are at a cross sections.

He glances from his map and stops and talks a minute. I take my eyes off the map... fatal mistake.

He then hurries on.

"Why was he alone?" Vixen questions.

"This can't be good." One of the other girls responds.

"Crap!" I mutter, "I've lost where we're at on the map."

We all huddle together and study the map. I know the roundabout area we are in but unfortunately there are so many twists and turns at that point it was hard to figure out exactly where.

We've got to hurry. We know they are getting closer to the end by the yells we hear we ring through the cornfield.

So we make a quick decision and hurry forward. Ten  minutes later we are beyond lost! We only have one checkpoint left!

We follow the light and figure if we can make our way out of the cornfield we can come back in and get the last checkpoint. Seemed like a good plan.... better than wondering around lost.

We emerge from the cornfield and try again, this time going directly to the last checkpoint. We are almost there when we hear "MARINE MARINE!!!! HURRY!!!! WE FOUND IT!!! LAST ONE!!!"

Marine comes rushing by use from a side path.

Vixen and I take off at a sprint.

We arrive at the checkpoint to see it surrounded by the three other guys.

Marine arrives and they take off.

We stamp our cards and also take off trying to be the first out of the maze.

We arrive at the exit just as the boys emerge.

Vixen and I are convinced they cheated. We compare cards to make sure they really stamped all the checkpoints.

They did.

"But ya'll split up."

"You never said we couldn't."

At this point I have realized their strategy. They all split up and then when one would find a checkpoint they would yell till the other guys arrived.

"The card says you can't cut through the cornfield. Which YOU did! Therefor you broke the rules and are disqualified." I point out with a shrug of my shoulders.

Marine wraps an arm around my should as our group proceeds to walk to the car, "Your sour loser you know that?!"

This received him a jab from my elbow to his ribs.

Needless to say we laughingly bickered about this all the way to Sports Bar.

The guys had wanted to go and have a drink. So we sat at the bar and watched football and as Marine and his buddies drank, I nursed a coke figuring I'd be DD for the night.

Marine doesn't drink much add that in to the fact he hasn't drank in 7 months and you can guess what happened next.

Marine was a sweet drunk and probably told me "I love you" at least a thousand times during the night. After his 3rd shot he proceeds to tell me as well as the table that I'm the best thing that ever happened to him. At this point my cheeks flush (I embarrass easily).

After that I decided it was time to go. The next morning Marine asks, "Why did you let me drink that much?"

I can't help but laugh, "I warned you around shot 2."

He groans, "Why didn't I listen?"

"You were already being handed shot 3."

"I'm way to old for this," He pulls the pillow over his head.

Ted: [takes first shot] Let me tell you something about this brain, okay? 

[takes second shot] 
Ted: Pure alcohol cannot stop this brain. 
[takes third shot] 
Ted: This brain, dear mortals, is no ordinary brain. 
[takes fourth shot] 
Ted: This is a superbrain. 
[takes fifth shot] 
Ted: This brain is unstoppable. This brain... 
Older Ted: And that's all I remember. 

~ How I Met Your Mother ~


phoebe said...

i love love love corn mazes!! so much fun. how long is marine in town??

E said...

He has to be back on base November 1st :) and yes the corn maze was so much fun! I want to go do another one :)

Lance Corporal Smith's Babe said...

LOL! I love the suspense!

Date Girl said...

Oh fun! I got lost in the Corn Maze last year. I looked down for one second and Match was gone with a group of our friends. It was at night so I was terrified. I want to find another maze this year but Match isn't allowed to leave me. My sense of direction in those things sucks! I blame it on my height.

Loved that How I Met Your Mother episode. Why doesn't anyone care about the pineapple?! Glad Match had a good time with you and his friends. Nothing better than being able to let loose after being good for so long.