Saturday, October 9, 2010

Outsmarting a Combo Lock ~ Harder Than It Sounds

So I get this in the mail.

A 48 pound box/locker that has come all the way from Afghanistan.

And on it is this little dandy.

Marine tells me that the locker is full of his books, some clothes, and some of his gear. He gives me the combo and asks if I will wash the clothes so he can take them back to base with him {note: he is not home yet for leave}.

Being the loving better-half that I am of course I tell him I will.

Marine, "Oh and my journal's in there please don't read it."

{Back-story: Before Marine left for deployment I talked him into getting a journal to take with him and write in.}

Me in complete surprise, "What?! I can't read it?"

"Please don't read it. It's stupid and doesn't make any sense....." He pauses, "Besides I didn't really write in it that much. But you were right sometimes it was nice to write and get it out."

"You sound surprised. You should realize by now that I'm always right."

"Yeah, yeah." He laughs, "Still don't read it."

I sigh, "Ok.... Ok!"


Dang him. I cross my fingers, "Promise."

So last night I didn't open the trunk for fear I'd give into temptation. I mean telling me not to read the journal made my desire to read it multiply.

It really all boils down to the fact I don't like thinking I can't do something. (I know that made no sense, but let's pretend it did).

As I get ready for work this morning I walk past the trunk numerous times and each time it piratically begs me to open it.

I can't take it anymore.

I find the piece of paper I had scribbled the combo on and fiddle with the lock.


I try again..... "Left 24...."


"AAAHHHH" I let out a frustrated grumble.

With no more time to waste I give the locker a little kick as I hurry to get out the door so I won't be late for work.

I tell Marine that I am a combo lock dummy.

But I am not ready to admit defeat just yet.

I return home tonight and there it is taunting me. I respect Marine's privacy and it is no longer about the journal. I mean this is my online journal and would I want him to have total access to it?? Probably not.

But while he was deployed I did send some of my posts. So technically he has read my journal.

It's not about the journal anymore. Its me and the locker. And the fact it is now MOCKING me.

I bring in re-enforcements.

"Mom would you see if you can get this combo lock to work?" I ask as my mother enters the house.

Yep who better to be my partner in crime than good 'ol sweet mom.

"Sure." She takes a seat beside me on the floor, "Why don't you just let Marine open it when he gets home?"

"Because I'm going to wash clothes tonight and I figured I'll go ahead and wash his stuff......"

She's sweet and innocent and buys it.

"Also Marine's journal's in there and he made me promise not to read it." ---- I never was good at lying.

She bursts into laughter.

"I'm not going to read it though. I promised him I wouldn't."

"Does he know you had your fingers crossed?"

Damn she's good.

"I'm really not going to read it."

She fiddles with the lock.

"Ok maybe the first page."

She fiddles more with the lock.

I pace back and forth. "No I can't read it...... but I could do a quick flip just to see how much he wrote..... you know just out of curiosity............. No I can't read it. I promised. And I don't break promises."

"You sure he gave you the right combination?"

About ten minutes has passed and she has had no luck either.

"It's a sign. God is helping me to keep my promise by not letting me into the trunk."

------> After writing this post I got the dang lock open. 
And no I didn't read the journal........ 

Chandler: "My diary! My diary, that's brilliant. I should have told her it was my diary. She never would have made me read her my diary."

Monica: "You know, that's true. You'd be a great person to have around the day after an emergency."

~ Friends ~


phoebe said...

hahahaha. that is too funny. you are a better person than me... i might, (well maybe not) have taken a sneak peak... only because i was told not to... that just makes it that much more enticing... it's like calling your name or something... e... oh e....

i'm truly glad that your marine is back 'home'. soon enough he will be home home for good!!

Date Girl said...

Good for you for not giving in! It's so tempting. You almost wish he'd never said a word about it huh? If he's anything like Match he'll cave and end up sharing some of it with you anyways. But definitely respect the privacy because how would that feel in reverse? I think it's awesome that he took your advice and kept the journal! It's such a great outlet.

Unwritten said...

OMG!!! That must have been torture. I hope I would have been able to do the same.

E said...

Oh Date Girl! It was so tempting! And Phoebe & Unwritten I almost caved but didn't!

If he wants to let me read it thats fine. But if not I understand.

Its good to have some privacy :)