Tuesday, October 12, 2010

P.I.N.T. ---> Sappy Love Notes

Only Parent Chronicles


Date Girl said...

4 more months isn't too bad. Yes that does suck though. I'm with you-financially I've gotta stay at this craptastic job of mine until Match is out of academy. We need to make sure he gets through it first. 5 1/2 more months to go. We can do this!
I love that you're going to wear boots with your dress. Cannot wait for all the wedding planning posts and pictures!!

One of The Guys said...

I love how upbeat you sound. Nothing like love to put you in a good mood.

Eggs and toast is way better than cold cereal. But I'm still trying to convince my wife that! :)

ps. I pushed the "so so" button by accident trying to push the comment button. So I then pushed the "enjoyed" button. And now I don't know why I'm confessing. Have a good night.