Sunday, October 31, 2010

Creepy, Crawly Creations

Another post brought to you because of the awesome SITS contest ---- and because this camera totally makes me swoon!!

I've already told you that every year my friends and I have a Halloween Party.... Well every year we also decorate.

Vixen is the cold hearted queen of Halloween. You know those HUGE plastic storage containers? Yeah Vixen has like 10 of those full of decorations....

Giggles, "All of these boxes say Halloween."
Vixen takes a box from Giggles and stacks it with the others, "Yep."
Giggles, "Gesh if you have this much Halloween decorations I'd hate to see how many Christmas boxes you have!"


Vixen, "yeah um.... see that box over there."
Giggles, "Yeah."
Vixen, "Thats it."
Giggles laughing, "Wow."

You get the picture. Well last year as we decorate the entire house --- and I do mean entire house -- I say the bathroom just isn't cutting it. I mean we have the screaming woman in the mirror, the scary lights, the cobwebs.... but the bathtub.... yeah it's just not cutting it.
It looked to clean.

So I came up with the idea of a "blood bath".

We added red Crayola bath coloring tabs to the water, threw in some eyeballs and bones and placed bloody footprints leading away from the tub and WALLAH - scary blood bath!!
It turned out great and was a real conversation piece. 

What's something great you've created at Halloween?  

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Date Girl said...

Ok that is insanely creepy but I LOVE it. I am really looking forward to owning a home that's big enough for a full on halloween party with kick ass decorations. I'll have to remember that idea! Hopefully no one tried swimming in the blood bath though. Now that would have been a mess.