Sunday, January 11, 2009

Brave New Girl ~ Chapter 6: Flirting With Strangers

I expected last night to be a calm evening. Which it sorta was. It was going to be a simple night of hanging out at Punk-Rock-Chick's apartment and playing cards. Or so I thought.......

I was the first to arrive and seemed like we had some time to kill so Punk-Rock-Chick suggested we have a drink while we wait. We head for the local hotspot where we meet up with the same girlfriend from the previous night (guess I should give her a name..... lets see........I'll keep it simple ~ Alice). As I walk thru the door I notice 2 cute guys sitting at the bar, they look up at us new arrivals with interest. We take a seat at an empty table and place our orders. Still trying to acquire a taste for it I order a beer. When in reality I would have loved a Rum Runner! But $2 Vs. $6.50...... yeah beer it is! lol Hey I admit I'm pretty broke, like most people now, and trying to have fun on a budget.

Our drinks arrive and seeing as I am the only single one at the table it is quickly decided by Punk-Rock-Chick and Alice that I should go talk to the 2 cute guys. Let me explain I am not the type of girl to normally approach guys. I mean I understand sometimes a girl has to help get the ball rolling, but yeah I'm a little more old fashioned in I'd rather let the guy make the first move. Ok I'm shy. At times. As I slowly sip my beer I eye the guy on the left.... he has a cute smile. That is what I always notice first about the opposite sex, their smile. They are obviously out-of-towners so really what do I have to lose? So I form a plan. I watch the bartender make his way down to the other end of the bar. Before I can change my mind and chicken out I turn my beer up finishing what little was left. I sit the empty bottle down on the table, give my girls a smile, and slide quickly out of my seat.

I approach the bar and the empty chair to the left of the guy with the cute smile. Gracefully I ease onto the chair angling my body so I am facing right, my eyes on the bartender (who has his back to me) making it obvious I have approached the bar to order another drink. Cute smile guy has turned to me watching as I appear to wait. My eyes shift to him and I match his smile with one of my own. "Hi," the word roles simply off his tongue. The plan, as simple as it was, has worked. "Hi," I reply and easy as that the conversation ball has been set into motion. He asks my name and tells me his. He then asks what I'm drinking, I rattle off the name of my beer of the night. As the bartender approaches cute smile guy orders me a beer. I graciously thank him as I accept the beer. After a few more minutes of conversation I excuse myself, thanking him again, and return to my girls. They of course are all smiles.

Punk-Rock-Chick's BF arrives along with other friends, a mixture of guys and girls, and the 3 of us are quickly surrounded. Before long Punk-Rock-Chick is saying it is time to go. Cute smile guy is watching me ~ as I draw near I pause to thank him again for the beer, throw in a nice to meet you, and with a smile say good bye.

Alice and I make our way to her car (it's just me and her now). It may not seem like a big deal but after being in a relationship for nearly 8 years the idea of a stranger buying me a drink is a small gesture but big deal to me. I can count on one hand the amount of drinks I have received from strangers. Because since turning 21 I have always been with X. So I'm happy at this simple step forward ~ flirting with a stranger.
As we approach the car I tell Alice that I wish he would have asked for my number.

Alice, "Go back and give it to him."
Me, shaking head and laughing, "No I can't do that."
Alice, "You ought to go and invite them to come hang out with us!"
My eyes go wide thinking there is no way I'd have the courage to do that, "What?"
Alice sends a quick text to Punk-Rock-Chick asking if I can invite the cute guys over. Punk-Rock-Chick's reply: YES!!!!!!!
Alice, grinning from ear to ear, "Go do it!"

There are still people inside I know who I have already told bye to and honestly I really don't want to reenter the bar and embarrass myself. I mean...... really...... I'm so not the kinda girl to pick up random guys! I tell Alice I don't want to walk back in and do it infront of everybody. At this point we are at the car, my back to the door of the restaurant.
Alice, "Ohmygosh there he is!"
Me, "What?" turning to follow her eyes to see him standing his back to us right inside the door on the phone.

Before I can think I'm walking briskly back to the door, I open it to see his retreating back walking back toward the bar. I call out his name and he stops and turns. As our eyes meet I can not believe what I am about to do. He's smiling. Good sign I hope. I have no plan. And suddenly I feel very self-conscious. But with my most confident smile in place I ask, "Do you have plans when you leave here?" Still smiling he tells me no. So I tell him we are going back to a friends to play drinking card games if he and his friend would like to join us. He tells me he would like to but will have to check with his buddy. He pulls out his phone and asks for my number ~ typing it in as I ramble it off. He repeats it back to me before hitting save. I say bye again, knowing at this point my cheeks are more than likely flushed. He tells me bye saying he will call me.

Smiling I scurry to the car to find to an anxious Alice who wants all the details. I give them to her still in shock that I actually just invited this cute stranger to hang out. She points out I'm 2 for 2 ~ 2 nights out both ending with a guy asking for my number. I laugh telling her that I may need to hang out with her more often!

In route to Punk-Rock-Chick's my cell phone starts to ring. We have been gone maybe 2 minutes. It's a number I don't know. I press the button and say hello. It's cute smile guy. He asks for directions to Punk-Rock-Chick's and says his friend has to stop somewhere and then they will try to stop by.

We arrive at the apartment and immediately Punk-Rock-Chick's BF starts teasing me and giving me a hard time ~ all in good fun. Alice's BF and the others gathered are nicer but still my brave streak has made me fair game for teasing. I embarrass easily now realizing that if these guys show up the chances of the 2 BF's teasing ceasing is.... well.... probably slim to none. I panic suddenly hoping the guys don't show up. Guess my hopes were answered because they didn't.

But that didn't kill my good mood. This weekend I have become a brave new girl. I don't mind if he never even calls again, I'm proud of myself for having the guts to just approach the guy in the first place! An event that probably not happen often. You never know though.... Maybe I'm overcoming some of my shyness....

She wants a good time

No need to rewind

She needs to really really find what she wants

She lands on both feet

Won’t take a back seat

There’s a brave new girl

And she’s comin’ out tonight

She’s gonna step outside

Uncover her eyes

Who knew she could feel so alive

Her M.O.’s changed

She don’t wanna behave

Ain’t it good to be a brave girl tonight

~ Britney Spears, Brave New Girl ~


jwriter said...

The smile is what I notice first on a woman or at least I try to notice first. I love to see a woman smile especially when it is an attractive smile.

I like your little plan to good work.

Hope things continue to look up for you.

Date Girl said...

Good for you for getting out there! Go Stella, get your groove back! ;-)

phoebe said...

so i was smiling the entire time i was reading this... (ok, still smiling!) you are indeed a brave girl... you crossed a milestone i would never have the guts to. yay for you!! :-)