Monday, January 19, 2009

Walking in Heels

After an emotional weekend the girls (Vivi, Vixen, Blondie, Giggles) and myself decided we were in desperate need of a laugh and some mind-numbing entertainment. Bride Wars was the perfect escape! Definitely a must see with your girlfriends!

After the movie we decided to do a little shopping..... well they did shopping. I window shopped ~ something at which I have become a pro at. It sucks being broke and having to be a responsible adult! A transition that I am still trying to figure out.

Anyway back to shopping.

I'm having remorse..... usually you buy something and then have buyers remorse questioning if you should have bought the item or not. I on the other hand have remorse for not buying an item. Lately shoes have become my weakness (in the past it has always been purses). And not just any shoes, high heels.... which is so not me.

I want to be a high heel girl really I do, but lets face it I have always been a jean-tshirt-tennis-shoes kinda girl. Perhaps never feeling the need to empress; Or maybe the fact that I'm just a plain klutz has always led me to avoid heels. I mean I am the same girl that merely months ago did a swan dive when tripping over my own heels. In my current single status though I find myself being drawn to heels like a moth to a flame. Something about them just screams sexy!! {And I have become better at walking in them. :) }

So now I find myself trying to convert to a jeans and heels type of girl. I'm sorry I tend to drift back to shopping. My attention is quickly drawn to a black pair of Steve Madden's. I look and take it as a sign that they are in my size and there is only one pair. I quickly shed my tennis shoes and slide into the black heels. Perfect fit! I admire the view from this new height, I'm rather short so these give me quite a boast. I mean what is it about a great pair of heels that just make you feel more attractive? More confident? More "I can take on the world"? It's like magic.

I really want to take them home, but I think of all the bills I have so reluctantly I slip out of them and place them back on the shelf. This draws me to the conclusion that being an adult sucks! lol I mean wouldn't it be great if there was no such things as bills??!!

When I arrived home I saw the scratch off lottery tickets I received at Christmas sitting on my dresser. I haven't scratched them off yet. I was waiting for a day that I felt lucky. What the hell, I think as I grab a coin and start scratching. Out of 4 tickets I won 30 bucks and 2 free tickets!! Yahoo...... maybe I will go back and buy the heels..... did I mention they were on sale? Aahhh but alas I know it would be smarter to put the money towards other things; gas, food, rotating of tires on the 4runner. Yeah I miss being a carefree kid at times...... Maybe one of my 2 free tickets will strike it big, if so I will go on a shoe shopping spree ~ well after I pay off all my debt!

“If you haven't got it. Fake it! Too short? Wear big high heels, but do practice walking!"
~ Victoria Beckham ~


phoebe said...

lol. you and me both... i went to the mall with my friend the other day. she bought a ton of stuff... i watched her buy a ton of stuff... being a responsible adult kinda sucks sometimes. lol.

on the other hand... if the shoes were on sale...and you did just win $30 (free money!) then perhaps new shoes would be the perfect present... to you. from you.

Vivi said...

Life is short--buy the shoes! haha You know me. I will starve for a week if it means a new pair of shoes! But honestly, we need to find you sexy undies to go with the shoes. LOL ;)