Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Day God Made It Clear I Need A Boob Job

I decided to go shopping today to look for a dress for a wedding I have to attend next weekend and also something to wear for the day I will see Marine again for the first time. 

The first I figured would be fairly easy, it was the latter one I was most distraught about. 

I had planned to make this a solo shopping trip but at the last minute Vixen called and her plans for the day had fallen thru. She asked if I wanted to visit a new consignment store with her that was rumored to have some cute dresses in stock. 

A day shopping with the bestie? Sure!

So I waisted some time in town waiting for her to meet me. 

We went to the consignment store were Vixen purchased not one but two (TWO) cute dresses. Me? Nope. Nada. The one dress in my size fit everywhere but the chest area. 

Oh well. Off we went to the next location.

First store I head to the dressing room with 4 dresses and 1 skirt.

Vixen is in the dressing room across the hall.

"Ok ready when you are."

"Give me a minute....." I fiddle with the zipper. I step in the dress and try to pull it up. 

It stops about mid-thigh. 

Yeah that's not working.

I examine it again. I untie the ribbon and try to pull it over my head. 

"You ready yet?!!" Vixen is waiting at the door.

"Hold on!" I mumble still trying to pull the dress on. Wiggle. Pull.

Oh crap. I'm stuck. And I can't see.

I reach for the door and ease it slightly open whilst hiding behind it, "Come in here."


"Please. NOW!" I say more urgently.

"HAHAHAHAHA!! Are you stuck?!" She is laughing gasping for breath at this point. 

"Yes," I'm laughing to.

"Hold still," I'm bent over at the waist arms stretched straight out and she starts to pull. 

Nothing happens. She pulls a little harder, and I wiggle. FREE AT LAST!

I say that one's a no, but Vixen convinces me it was malfunction on my part and proceeds to help me into the dress. I get it on and like everything else I've tried on it's to big in the bust.

Ok on to the next store!

At the next store Rue21 it's the same story. I emerge from the dressing room in utter disgust. It's pouring rain outside so Vixen and I roam around the store waiting for the storm to pass. The lingerie section has some cute selections so we start looking thru the racks. I find two bra and panty sets in my size and on sale

"Well no cute homecoming dress, but cute homecoming underwear," I say to Vixen as we head to the checkout counter.

The casher rings me up, "$2.12" he says.

$2.12 ~ That's it?! -- I think to myself. Wow, I knew it was on sale but not that on sale.

I hand over the money before he can change his mind and Vixen goes back looking again in her size. There are some on sale but none marked down as low as the ones I had purchased. 

As we leave the store Vixen says, "Well guess that means God doesn't want me to get laid."

I snicker, "I think he's trying to tell me I need a boob job."

We laugh and head for the next store.

Two stores later I find a dress for the wedding. And a dress to wear to family day once Marine is back at base.
Strapless Dress For The Wedding

Dress for Family Day (it's outlined in pink)

But still nothing for homecoming day.


I was wanting to wear a dress but in reality I'm more of a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl anyway. I'll come up with something.... I have a few outfits that could be possible choices.

I may need to upload pictures and take votes.

Charlotte: I can't believe you would actually consider having a boob job.

Miranda: I can't believe you went to Planet Hollywood.
~ Sex and the City ~


phoebe said...

cute dresses! and oooh lala to the undies... marine has no idea whats in store for him!!

do you have an eta?

Date Girl said...

Those are some great undies and that is an amazing deal!!

Yes, please post pictures so we can vote on our favorite dress. :-)