Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Today marks the beginning of 26 round 3. Yes you say 28. I say 26 round 3.

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

I had a wonderful birthday!

First it started off with a good morning call from Marine, which of course made it a great birthday. Counting the days and not much longer till he is home.

Then my mom and I met Marine-Mom and Marine-Sis for lunch at a small downtown cafe.

It was a beautiful day so when asked what I wanted to do for my birthday of course I wanted to do something outside..... So the four of us went and looked and even MORE wedding locations.

We saw several beautiful locations but none had that "the one" feeling.

The first place we visited was unique.... and beautiful. The setting was kinda ordinary but what made it stand out were the colorful tents where everything would take place.

This is the main tent where the reception
would be - notice
the deck on the outside

The Ceremony would be held in front
of this smaller tent

Entry to the Reception Tent
After Dark...... How pretty is this?!

I like this just because it's different.....

This place was beautiful..... but they said they could only accommodate 75 people and we are expecting about 100. And one thing Marine and I agreed on is we are not going to limit numbers. If people want to come the more the merrier, we are not picking and choosing who can come and who cannot. 

Now the second place I also loved! It was very picturesque. It would be perfect for the ceremony, but there is no place for the reception....
I mean seriously how pretty would it be fore me and Horse
to come riding across this bridge?!

What is flowing under the bridge

This is what on the other side of the road
Call it crazy but I like the cows and natural
beauty of it

Beautiful Fenceline

Mom, Marine Sis, Marine Mom and Me in the Front
This was also at the second location --- so many pretty spots
for photos

We went to two other locations but these two were my favorite. I love the farm feel of the second location and think that it suits Marine and I well. If we don't get married here it would still be a pretty place for engagement pictures or something. 

Overall I had a great birthday my family. It was fun getting out and enjoying the beautiful day.

Today I also came up with a decision plan of action. If you've been reading for awhile you know that I've been saying that I feel the need to accomplish something before 30 [ which is starting to look closer everyday ] if you're clueless as to what I'm talking about read this post.

So I've decided to come up with a list of 30 Before 30. I haven't come up with a complete list yet, but I'm working on it and hope to have it posted soon. 

This is the kick off of Birthday week ~ Next celebration is Wednesday diner with the girls!

Robin: What the hell are you doing?
Barney: I'm birthday suiting up!
~ How I Met Your Mother ~


One of The Guys said...

I look forward to your list of "30 before 30." For me, I just quietly turned thirty. I didn't want a big bash or anything, but I think my girlfriend at the time arranged something for me, like a dinner or something.
My wife always wants to throw me a big party, and I keep telling her no. I especially don't like surprise parties.
Okay, now I sound like a party pooper. I actually love parties, just not for me. Enjoy!

phoebe said...

happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! may you have a wonderful and super 28th year!!!!! enjoy every minute of it :-)

Date Girl said...

Happy belated birthday chica! It sounds like you had a great day. I love both of those spots. Though the practical girl in me says Cows+summertime=stinky! Just saying. ;-) I love the uniqueness of those tents, how pretty!

Yes picking and choosing is crappy, but sometimes necessary on a budget. How are you guys going to plan for the food if you don't know who is all coming? Or is it going to be a more laid back/buffet style thing? Either way it's going to be awesome!

I love the 30 before 30 idea. Looking forward to reading all of your different goals and reading about you crossing them off, which I know you will! I'll come up with mine too one of these days...

Nicole said...

Happy Happy Birthday!! :) It sounds as though you had a lovely day, I hope your birthday week continues on just as happily!