Thursday, September 23, 2010

TAG.... Wait I'm It? No YOUR It!

Remember when you were a kid and you and a bunch of friends would play tag?? It you weren't the one that was "it" you probably remember running like hell dodging back and forth trying to not get tagged.

Well this is a little different than that because in this game of tag you don't see your opponent lurking in the shadows. They just jump out of nowhere and TAG YOUR IT!!!

I was tagged. I'm it. Be scared cause I'm lurking and you just may be next!!! lol

Ok.... ok.... thats my Thursday morning attempt to be funny. In all seriousness Rachel from over at Romancing Rachel has tagged me in a game in which you have to answer 8 questions that she has come up with. Then I have to come up with 8 questions of my own and tag other people.

Rachel came up with some good questions..... 

1. What was your best date ever? It doesn't have to be with your current significant other. 

Oh wow.... best date ever...... let me think......  I've been on a lot of lame dates..... a few so-so 
dates...... some good dates..... but best date ever.....

I would have to say it was my birthday 2009. Marine had a whole surprise, special evening planned for the 2 of us. It wasn't just a date night, it was more a date day that ended with a full course meal at the Melting Pot. Delicious does not even begin to describe the four course meal that ended with the most amazing desert ever!!

This was the best date ever for many reasons that are so mushy I can't even begin to explain without wanting to make ya'll gag from the whole "oh la la love" of it. It wasn't so much about where we were as to who I was with. It was a special night because I knew how hard Marine had worked to keep it a surprise and how cute it was that he wanted everything to be just perfect for my birthday. (For more details read the entire post)

2. What is the one song you're embarrassed to admit you not only love, but could sing all the way through without it playing on the radio?

The montage of New Kids On The Block, N'Sync, and Brittany Spears all just ran thru my mind. And who can forget Vanilla Ice or the Spice Girls?! Ok those last 2 I didn't love but their songs would get stuck in your head and drive you crazy...... 

I'm going to go though with Meredith Brooks one hit wonder I'm a Bitch. For some reason Vixen and I loved this song and would play it incessantly to drive others crazy. I can sing it word for word and still have to admit I love it. I love it not so much for the song itself but for the memories it invokes.

3. If you knew you'd get hired what would be your ideal job?

Working at a magazine. Hands down. Like Western Horseman, Bloodhorse, Glamour, Cosmo, or The Knot. Or a travel magazine would be nice also...... 

4. What is your favorite part of fall?

The cool crisp air, the beautiful fall colors that decorate the natural beauty of the mountains I live in...... and college football :)

5. In 5 words describe your sense of style.

Simple, Sporadic, Casual, Unique, Chic

6. Are you more of a texter or a talker?

It depends. I can go either way depending on who the person I'm communicating with is

7. Do you go out to eat alone? To movies alone?

No normally I don't. But I have eaten by myself before though and did enjoy the experience (even though it was not planned). Would I do it again? Sure. 

And I would go see a movie alone but all my friends are movie people. So works out good.

8. What teacher made the biggest impression on you when you were in school?

I was lucky to have several different teachers over the years that made significant impacts on my life. There is one teacher that stands out above the rest. She taught an elective class in high school and I took it all four years for the simple fact I loved her. She not only taught me about things pertaining to the class but also things that have real life meaning. Below are a few words of wisdom that I remember her giving:

"Never marry a man unless he has lived on his own at least a year. Otherwise he goes straight from his momma taking care of him to wanting you to take care of him."

"If it's not written down it doesn't exist."

She always encouraged me to shoot for goals that I thought may have been unreachable and she always celebrated the victories with me when I achieved these goals.
Gotta love the words of wisdom though. I agree with the first one full heartedly. But thats another story for another day. 


Now time for my 8 questions.....

1. If you could pick one song that describes your life what would it be?

2. Your first kiss: Fairytale or tragedy?

3. If you were given a year in which you could do absolutely anything you wanted to do (money is no object) what would it be?

4. What is your favorite mistake and why?

5. The craziest thing you've ever found in your car that perhaps wasn't yours?

6. What is the best gift you've ever received?

7. As a kid your favorite thing to do/play was?

8. Answer the following question: If I didn't blog I'd probably ____________.

Now it's time to run around the blogosphere and tag! If your name is below I GOTTCHA!!! hahah :)

Now it's your turn, answer the questions and get to tagging!


Date Girl said...

Ahh! I've been tagged :-) Thanks girl.
I've gone to the movies alone once by accident. I think I'd definitely go to a matinee by myself sometime. I love that you know the answer to your ideal job. I have no idea...kind of sad isn't it? But I bet working at a magazine would be a blast!

R said...

Glad you participated! And I think I'd go for a magazine job too. Def travel, just imagine the perks for research!

phoebe said...

tag i'm it, eh? :-)

phoebe said...

you ask some tough questions...