Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Something About A Guy With A Guitar

There's just something about a guy with a guitar.

Maybe I should back up here.........

Friday night Blondie, Babbles and myself went to the local pub for diner and drinks. On Friday nights there's usually somebody playing music.

We got there before the music had started and chose the only open table, which happened to be right in front of where the musician had set up. As our food arrived so did the musician.

He was mid-20's. Kinda cute but didn't give it much thought as I dove into my diner.

And then he started to sing.
Oh my gosh. He sounded just like Jason Aldean --- who is so on my top 5 list by the way.

Needless to say Blondie and I just kinda stared star struck.

This guy was awesome.

In that instant he went from normal 'everyday guy' to 'hot guy with a guitar guy'.

"If we were single we'd so be taking him home with us tonight just to make him sit on the back porch and sing." I tell Blondie.

She dies laughing, "If we were single I'd already be working on it."

Babbles just laughs and shakes her head at us.

We listen to him play as we continue to talk and enjoy our meal.

After diner I return home and am on the phone with Marine telling him about my day.....

"You know if you would learn to play the guitar and would sing to me you'd be the perfect guy."

"Sounds like somebody has a crush."

"I'm just saying there's something sexy about a guy that can play guitar."

He just laughs. Which is one of the million reasons I love him. He knows I'm crazy and yet he loves me anyway. lol

But seriously you know I'm right. There's just something about a guy with a guitar.

Ted: Have fun on your double date.

Lily: For the last time, I'm sorry, there was a lull.
[flashback to the bar]
Gael: Then, we lay on the beach and counted the stars.
Lily: Do you wanna have dinner with me - us?
[flash back to present]
Marshall: There was no lull. You just think he's incredibly hot.
Lily: No, I don't! Not incredibly
~ How I Met Your Mother ~

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