Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What's on E's Phone - It's Bat Crazy!

This week has been a little to crazy..... so I had to share some of my randomness.

I was in Tractor Supply the other day getting Miss B and Miss S their Christmas goodies. Yes my horses even get Christmas presents. While there I found this adorable stockings marked 40% off. 

So of course I bought them. The horse one will be mine and the tractor one will be Marine's. I found it very fitting because in case I haven't mentioned it Marine has become infatuated with tractors since he fixed one of the old one's around the barn and mom told him he could have it. Random. I know. 

When someone pisses you off don't you just want to say.......

Ahhhhhhh this has been known to be my "breakfast of champions" on more than one occasion. 

To much HGTV results in this.

Unused fireplace turned into decoration. Really looks much better than picture portrays.

In case you've ever wondered Mexican Cheese dip has a 360 degree spill radius. Monday night I made fajitas for diner complete with cheese dip and chips. Walking with hot cheese dip bowl in hand something goes wrong. I drop it. It goes EVERYWHERE! On the floor, on the cabinets, on the table, under the table, on the chairs, over things that are are no where even close to the spill zone.

But don't worry after given the go-ahead the clean up crew had an amazing response time.

Marine and Roommate even decorated their barracks room for Christmas. Ignore the tacky standard-issue-must-use comforter

Now my most bizarre moment of the week. Last week I was started by a tapping on the sun-room glass door. To my surprise a bat (yes a bat) was trapped in my sun-room........ What do you do??? Well I open the outside door and leave it open about 30 minutes figuring he will find his own way out. I assume he does. 

This was over a week ago. Monday night (after cheese dip fiasco) I hear a tap on the door. It's dark so immediately your startled that someone is breaking into your house. 

I flip on the light and the bat is once again circling the room. CRAP! Now what.

Well Mr. Bat flew into the glass door....... hard.......

Poor Mr. Bat. While I sat to mourn his death I saw an ear twitch. He wasn't dead. Just knocked out. He was starting to stir. Crap what should I do?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!

I placed a Tupperware container over Mr. Bat. At this point he comes to and he is PISSED. He is flapping around inside the container and screeching and growling. I slip a slightly larger lid under the container very slowly. And very cautiously. I open the door step outside and release Mr. Bat who flies off into the night. 

Only me. 

I can't believe he lived a week in there with no food. I guess he must have come in when I brought the Christmas tree into the house that way.

Either way very random and very crazy.

There's my week in photos! Looking forward to see your's! If you want to participate Visit The Lowe Family News to Link Up.


julielollar said...

Cute Stockings!
My kids have dropped and spilled liquids on several occasions that end up allover the house! My dog is also the clean up crew most of the time.
The bat story is really crazy!

Estell said...

aww i love bats...
I love chocolate pretzels, the stockings are adorable!

phoebe said...

very cute stockings for the 2 of you!

haha. what you did with the bat... yeah that's what i do with the stink bugs before i flush them. granted your bat was just a taaaaad bigger than a stink bug, but same idea, haha

merry xmas e (and marine)!!

Date Girl said...

That reminds me of that episode of Friends where Rachel catches the pigeon in the cooking pot. :-)

I love the stockings! Huge fan. Those are perfect for you two!

Michelle said...

I did the same thing with BBQ sauce as you did with cheese dip, I bet your mess was harder to clean then mine.

I would die if a bat got into my house, glad you were able to set the varmint free.

One of The Guys said...

Hey! Been a while! Sounds like you're having fun.

I wish we had your cleaning crew at our house. The spills are out of control.

And nothing more unnerving than a bat in the house. I have memories of them as a kid. My mom in the room with a broom. You get the picture.

Anyway, Happy Holidays! Enjoy.

HunDuddle Hussy said...

holy crap a BAT!? who has bats!? i've never heard of that. u stayed way more calm than i would have.

love the decorated barracks :)