Friday, December 3, 2010

Weekend Getaway With Marine's Family

This past weekend Marine and I went on a trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee with his whole Mom's side of the family.

It was his grandparents, his mom, step-dad, sister, 3 uncles and their wives and families. I'm telling ya, we were a big group!

It was a great trip though!

We arrived early Friday morning and spent the day shopping --- yes black Friday Madness. The crowds were awful! And the sad part was the only thing I bought was a sweater. For myself.

After checking into the hotel we all freshened up and headed out for diner. It was a simple night of pizza and holiday football.

Saturday we visited Cades Cove (miss the pictures? Check out this past Wordless Wednesday). It was BEAUTIFUL! So many old buildings. You know that I wanted to jump out and take pictures of everything! But I had to refrain we were on a time schedule so not much time for dilly-dallying. This is a place Marine and I will definitely be taking a trip back to.

That evening we all went to diner at the restaurant of Marine's Grandparent's choosing. They choose a steakhouse which was wonderful and left all of us to stuffed to even consider desert.

Afterward we went to race go-kart's. The time when adults become big kids! I laughed so hard at Marine's one uncle who was determined to beat everybody. Of course I got crashed by Marine..... on purpose. It was fun though and good time with the family.

After that we went ice-skating. I haven't been ice-skating since High School and some how I remembered it to be much easier than it was!

Now I'm all about mind over matter ---- if you are confident enough and you go into something thinking "I can do this" you can do it.

Works for me anyway.

However it wasn't as easy as I remembered and I ended up clinging to Marine's hand like it was a life line as we skated around the rink.

At one point I got my courage up and let go. We skated a few laps and then I leaned up. To far. My feet literally flew over my head and I hit the ice with a hard THUD!

I lay on the ice the wind knocked out of me looking up into Marine's face.

"Babe you ok?"

"Yes," I croak as I lean up and take his hand.

At hearing that he starts dying laughing. "Oh my gosh your feet went higher than your head!!! You sure your ok?"

I was ok but boy was I sore the next day.

It was fun though and totally worth it.

Sunday we left and returned home. It was a good weekend getaway, one that I think may become an annual trip.


phoebe said...

weekend getaways are always nice!

ice skating can be super fun. the boy and i did it a few years ago in pittsburgh and i think it's on the agenda for our upcoming trip as well.

Date Girl said...

Ouch! I haven't been ice skating in years either and I'm sure I'll feel like you the next time we go. I feel like I was a lot more coordinated in high school than I am now.
Sounds like it was a nice weekend away! Hope Marine gave you a massage! :-)