Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Can a Relationship Bring You Back to Life?

In a search of a topic to write about I visited Carrie's diary in search of a question that I felt I may have the answer to. I may start doing this as a weekly column.... Of course it's just my opinion..... Anyway as I searched thru the questions I stumbled upon one of interest, "Can a relationship bring you back to life?" As soon as I read the question I knew my own personal answer. In fact several months back I wrote a short story that basically answered this question.......

Everyone had always said she lived in her own little bubble. And that was ok with her. But as he stood before her and she looked into his eyes she realized how naive she really was. Here before her was a man who had seen so many things that she couldn’t even imagine. His eyes held countless stories of tragedies and sorrow. As he told her of a call he had worked the previous night she felt a wave of sadness wash over her. A young boy still in high school had been driving down the road minding his own business. Never realizing his life was about to change. Then before him a figure appeared in the middle of the road. He slammed on the breaks. It was to late to stop; there was nowhere to swerve. Another young boy, to young to die, had been walking in the middle of the road for no apparent reason. Maybe it was his time to go, but at fifteen she thought it was way to soon.

As he recounted the story to her she could hear the melancholy in his voice. She longed to hug him and hold him close. His eyes had seen so many lives taken all to soon. At the same time he had also saved lives of those God was not yet ready to call home. She couldn’t imagine what it must be like to rush into a burning building; the adrenaline pumping threw your body, your eyes stinging from the smoke. Or to be called to the scene of a car wreck where you try to save the lives of those within but knowing in your heart it’s to late. He was modest, rarely being one to talk about work and the calls he ran. He was a hero whether he wanted to admit it or not. An everyday hero that many people took for granite. She knew it must take a special person to do his line of work and that made him all the more special to her.

She wondered if he realized that he had saved her as well. It was not as obvious. There was no emergency call, no fire, no accident. In away he had saved her from herself. She had been unhappy for so long. So long that she forgot what it was like to really smile; not the fake smile she kept up for the world, but to really smile out of genuine happiness. He had brought her back to life. Opened her eyes again to the beautiful world around them. To some he may appear to be just your average guy, but she knew better he was hero.

As I'm sure you can guess I wrote this story about Fire Guy and to him I will forever be grateful. Even though things didn't work out he helped bring me back to life. He helped me to see that nice guys do exist. I guess he gave me hope and helped me to see why things did not work out with X. So yes, with a huge breath of fresh air I do think a relationship can bring you back to life.

"Today I had a thought. What if I... what if I had never met you?"
~ Carrie, SATC ~

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