Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Drink Time

So I have not had a Dr Pepper in almost 24 hours. Yes 24 whole hours so my nerves are on end. This week I am working in our other office out of town. This office has a vending machine so instead of stopping at a gas station this morning I figured I'd just get one out of it. So I get my money out and purposefully I head for the machine. I can see the Dr. Pepper beckoning to me. But wait where the hell is the coin slot? I see the dollar slot but no coin...... So at the top right I see the directions and place my money in and insert the knob then reach my hand for the Dr. Pepper button. I hear something drop.... Chex Mix??? WTF ok now I see my error in my haste for the Dr Pepper crack goodness I didn't realize each item has its own coin slot.... ggggrrrr back to purse to count out more change..... insert coins..... click..... clunk clunk clunk...... sounding of popping top! Ahhhh nothing like that first hit of the day! lol

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