Thursday, December 25, 2008


I think I'm in love. Ok perhaps I should explain.... After doing the family Christmas stuff Vixen, Blondie and myself met up to go see a movie. Vixen wanted to see Twilight (she has already seen it but wanted Blondie and I to see it). Personally I wanted to see Marley & Me, The Spirit or Valkyrie. I am very much an action movie type girl and I really wasn't in the mood to go watch a love story that was guaranteed to make me hate life. But Vixen had heard the dog dies in Marley & Me and with the recent passing of her own four legged friend we decided this would not be a good movie for her to see.

With that settled I reluctantly handed over $9.50 for a ticket to Twilight. I'll admit I was a little skeptical prepared to sit thru what was sure to be a cheesy love story that would leave me rolling my eyes and wanting to gag. As I watched the movie unfold on screen I found my self being dragged into the story line. Having taken several film classes in college I feel that I have the right to say the movie was well shot and had an intriguing story line; overall it was captivating. It left me wanting more! As a viewer ~ or perhaps I should restate ~ as a female viewer you can't help but fall in love Edwin.

Do guys like that exist? He is so sweet, so caring, so affectionate, so considerate..... and the looks he gives Bella. You can't help but sigh. Cause I mean lets be real and admit it ~ That is what every girl wants. To be swept off her feet and be hopelessly head over heals in love. As I watched Edward take Bella in his harms to dance with her in his room I can't help let my mind drift to Big. It reminded me of us. Heck no more than a week ago it was us as we danced in his kitchen to a slow song on the radio.

As Vixen and I rode home we discussed the movie and debated weather a love like that existed. We then went back to blaming Disney and movies like this for giving girls false hope about relationships and love. I won't lie, I want a love like that. But after being broken I don't know if I will ever trust someone that much without always having the fear of doubt in the back of my mind. The doubt that will keep you from getting to close for fear of being hurt. I grew silent watching the headlights pass on the road wondering if I had made a mistake with Big. Did I give up to soon? Or had I hung on to long as it was?

Either way I know first thing tomorrow I will be out buying the book. I can't wait to see what happens next!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!

Isabella Swan, "You can't leave me!"
Edward Cullen, "Shh... Where else would I go?" [he leans in to kiss her forehead]
~ Twilight ~


Vivi said...

I told you so! LOL For once you can't get mad at me for saying that. I loved the film and am half way through the second book! You will LOVE the books much more than the film, though I think it was best to see the film first so that you have someone in your head to view whenever you are reading. And FYI-Mr. Big is NO Edward. I mean, if those freaking boys were vampires we'd already been eaten. HAHAHAHA Sorry, I so had to! It is a scent thing!

And another question, which will make more sense when you have gotten through the second book... but does Bella not have an Aunt Flo that comes to visit her or does she have to seclude herself when she does? Random, I know.

jwriter said...

Great post. And I hope that love like that exists for everyone and that yours will come. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.

phoebe said...

prepared to be suckered in by these books. i'm normally a chick lit book gal all the way... but i'm 1/2 done book 4. they just pull you in. and you can't not love it. happy reading!!

Anonymous said...

just stumbled on ur blog, n i think its just awesome but this is my favorite entry since i too so love Edward and hope to be swept off my feet someday! Good luck!