Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tis The Season

It doesn't feel like Christmas.... I mean it's next week and I still don't even have all the decorations up. I am usually Miss Christmas-time, this is normally my favorite time of year. But for some reason this year it's just not the same and I guess it really hasn't been since my dad passed away. So many things at Christmas revolve around family and there were also so many things that Dad and I did together this time of year. I used to get so aggravated how he would wait to do his Christmas shopping last minute Christmas eve, then he would expect me to wrap all mom's gifts for him. I used to get so aggravated, but now.... well I miss it. So perhaps that's one reason it doesn't feel like Christmas.

The other is that apparently it is "Tis the Season for couple trouble". In that Vixen and her BF recently became no more. So this last weekend was spent helping her deal with the chaos of him moving out. As we packed his bags she brought up memories of our high school days when we used to laugh saying we would be old maids together. We figured we'd end up like the two old guys in Secondhand Lions (of course we said this before the movie but the movie helps sum it up). Basically we'd be old with only each other. As we packed the boxes Vixen stated that it was starting to become more of a reality than a joke. I reminded her we are still young and many more years ahead of us before the old maid part kicks in. But thru thick and thin at least we have each other.

Also due to Vixen's new found singledom I attended her company Christmas party with her last weekend. At my recent office parties I passed on the alcohol not wanting to make a fool of myself in front of coworkers, but apparently at other people's office parties I have no problem drinking! So yeah I had a pretty good time! Open bar = one happy E. The new strictly beer policy went out the window as I ordered a rum runner for myself and a vodka tonic for Vixen. The food was excellent, the band was wonderful, and her coworkers were a blast. So overall very festive party.

This weekend I am looking forward to taking Vivi out for her Birthday and attending another Christmas Saturday. This party is just all my friends so I know it will be a night of drinks and laughs with a little card playing and beer pong thrown in for good measure. I can't wait!!

Now for those of you who may be interested in a Big update. Well I guess somethings never change. I will refrain from bitching (I did enough of that on the other blog; ie post 1 and post 2). I'll hear from him for a few days then a few days will go by I don't, then the pattern repeats. I heard from him today and yesterday which in theory means I won't for the next few days. Personally I think he is all talk, which I should know by now, but for the mean time I will just sit back and wait to see if anything ever comes of it. Perhaps 'old enough to know better still to young to care' could be the way to sum it up. But that's the thing with Big sometimes he's full of surprises. You just never know. Guess that's why he's my favorite mistake.

"Christmas is a time when people are lonely and desperate, it's the most wonderful time of the year."
~ Barney, How I Met Your Mother ~

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