Monday, December 29, 2008


Blondie, Blondie. Bless her heart ~ I'm from the south it's required I say that every once in awhile ~ Since meeting her BF and falling helplessly head over heals she has decided that basically I am her new project. In that she is determined to set me up.

Saturday night Vixen, Vivi and myself, after weeks of turning down the invitation, finally agree to attend a gathering at Blondie's BF's house. Hesitantly I walk thru the front door not sure what trap will lay ahead of me. Why am I against the setups? Well for starters Blondie's only requirement appears to be that the guy is single and somewhat attractive. This theory held true as I am introduced to BF's little brother, after which she whispers in my year "He's single!"

"He's twelve," is the thought that runs through my mind but I bite my tongue and just smile as Vixen hands me a beer. I then learn that BF's little bro is 21 - maybe....... 21???!!!! No, no, no. Note to self: Don't ever agree to blind date that Blondie suggests. BF quickly brings out the cups and the beer pong table is assembled. As Vixen and I take our places in preparation of the first game the front door opens and in comes more of BF's friends. Amongst them is another guy that I am quickly told by Blondie is single. As I study the newest trap I realize me and her have to have a talk. He doesn't look twelve..... I mean he could at least pass for..... eighteen. Vivi just giggles giving me that 'better you than me look' as she raises her beer in a silent toast ~ I in turn shoot a 'go to hell look' back at her, mentally counting down till I can make my escape from juvi-hell.

I am not ungrateful at the fact she is trying to do, what is seen as in her eyes, a good deed. But I am not desperate by any means nor am I ready to just jump the first single, decent guy that comes along. I mean for starters the youngest I will go is twenty-four. Seeing as I'm newly twenty-six I think that's reasonable. Right? And age really is just a number but I'm ready for a guy not a boy so it all depends on how you act..... and if after two beers you appear to have a decent buzz you may be to young. lol

Seeing as I plan on making the forty minute drive home I exchanged the beer for Dr. Pepper early on in the night. At 11:30 I decided I had paid my dues and made my goodbyes eager to get home to Hyper and Twilight. Yes, day after Christmas I entered the dreaded Wal-Mart and fought the crowd just to buy that one book. Was it worth it? Hell yes! I am so addicted!

"What if I'm not a superhero? What if I'm the bad guy?"
~ Edward, Twilight ~

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phoebe said...

sucka!! haha. i'm 1/2 way done book 4. they are way addicting!!!