Monday, April 11, 2011

Blondie's Last Night

Sunday morning I stood under the shower letting the warm water wash off the drunk from the night before. Hot water may have never felt so good.

Saturday night was Blondie's lingerie / Bachelorette party.

Per her request we had rented a cabin for the night. All the bridesmaids brought a tailgating dish and adult beverages. 

I got there early along with Blondie and Nashville Chick (who is another bridesmaid). We sat on the porch visiting and enjoying listed to the creek flow by down below. 

That was perhaps the only calm part of the evening!

Soon the other girls and guests began to arrive and the fun began!! I had prepared a batch of Pink Panty Droppers (a Vivi Special) for the party, the drinks were poured and the party began!

Blondie opened her scandalous presents. Some tasteful, some down right slutty. I of course was guilty of getting her the latter of the two. ;)

We have all been taking bets on how long it will be before Blondie gets knocked up so one of the other bridesmaids slipped in a pregnancy test with her gift.

I truly admire Blondie and her confidence. I myself am so shy that I'm practically a prude (sad but true). Blondie had invited her mother and future mother-in-law, who are both great, but I couldn't help thinking how uncomfortable I'd be opening these type of presents in front of my mom and future mother-in-law. Don't get me wrong I'm tight with both of them but no need to show "this is what I'm going to wear when I do your son later." lol

It went great though! Both mom's even participated in our little game of pin the penis! haha

We didn't have a blindfold so Blondie put one of her new presents to work........ (thanks to Conscious for the leopard print blindfold).

It was an interesting game to say the least..... and like usual Vixen won. We all think she cheats.

Then Vivi had to go and pull out the veil.

Now there is some back story to the veil. Everybody gets a turn with it! Giggles refused to wear it at her bachelorette party and we decided to leave it at the hotel. So when Vivi pulled it out several of us gasped in shock!

"The veil lives!"

Blondie takes one look at it, "Ah hell."

Yes this veil has a little bit of everything on it..... KY, Condoms, Empty Birth Control pack...... you name it!

Vivi also pulled out THE monster bottle of crown she bought on the last cruise we all went on together.

We all laugh and say that when we're 80 we are going to be sitting around on a front porch somewhere still drinking on this bottle of crown!

 It was a fun night and my only regret was not spending more time right here.....

Robin Scherbatsky: Check out what I got Lily for her shower! It's kind of racy; think you can handle it? 
Barney: I've been in a ten-way, so... yeah. 
~ How I Met Your Mother ~


phoebe said...

hahaha. what a fun night!

now that's what i call a bachelorette party!!

Date Girl said...

Hehe, I love the pin the penis game! Where did you find that? I might have to use that for Monica or Geeky's bachelorettes. Sounds like you had a great time. I know that day after feeling though. It's that feeling that even though it was fun, we are getting a tad older and the next day is PAINFUL! ;-)