Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Smile! Post It Note Tuesday


Date Girl said...

Good luck with the new job! The carpooling will help the drive so much. Plus it will be nice to have that "unwind" time at the end of the day.

Wow only 12 days til you say I do? That flew by!! I am so excited for you.

And super jealous of your hive. I want fresh honey, YUM! You should totally do a honey giveaway. Hint hint. ;-)

R said...

Only 12 days!? How did that go by so quick. I swear you just posted it was 100 days away. I wish yall nothing but happiness and can't wait to see pictures (smiley face stamps and all!)

phoebe said...

now i dont know about you, but that engagement went by mighty fast!! i can't wait to see the wedding pictures :-)

good luck with the new job. when do you start?