Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tennis Match

So I went and job shadowed Blondie for about an hour and a half yesterday. It wasn't that bad. The job doesn't seem that hard..... but I'm still on the fence. Mainly it's the drive I'm unsure about.

Last night though I figured it was time to take one for the team and suck it up. I mean the majority of my friends commute and if they can do it so can I. Suck it up and stop complaining. Many people would be so happy to have to opportunity.

Today I came into work not knowing how to tell my bosses (there are 3 company owners). Timing couldn't have been better. This morning it was just the 3 of us. So I ask if I can speak with them.

And I turn in my notice.

And because it's almost that time of the month I am HIGHLY emotional and actually tear up.

***GASP*** no you didn't......

Yes I did.

My bosses were all super nice and I explained that I love it here but that I just couldn't pass this opportunity up.

They say to give them a day and see if they could come up with something to offer so that maybe I would choose to stay.

I feel like it's a tennis match and I'm the ball.

And I still have no clue what to really do!!!!!!

Of all the things in my life this is the last thing you want to be hearing.

I know.

But seriously I've got to over-analyze somewhere :)


Date Girl said...

How awesome that both companies want you!! Play hard ball E. You've been at your job a long timel see if they can offer you everything the other company can, if so, you should stay there, then no commute but you'd still get the money and medical. How awesome would that be. There really is no bad scenario here, because either way youlll have a job! I'm excited for you. I bet it feels good to be wanted!

phoebe said...

i agree with date girl. play hard ball. they want you, which is really quite an ego boost in itself... let them give you what the other job can (minus the commute). keep us posted!!