Friday, April 8, 2011

Getting Creative ~ Chalkboard Creation

So I have looked at a TON of wedding idea photos on Goggle Images. Back when we did our engagement photos I was scanning the web looking for inspiration and ideas and came upon this picture. 
Taken From Google Images
This of course got the wheels turning...... I was already planning on doing a photo guestbook. So how about instead of having guests write next to a picture, how bout have them write a message on a chalkboard and hold it in the picture? 

I thought this was a great idea! I started looking around for chalkboards. Etsy has a ton to choose from!! All of which are beautiful..... but also out of my price range!

There had to be away I could make my own

Google is my best friend. Seriously. He always knows the answer and somehow always knows just what I'm looking for. 

And again he didn't let me down.

I headed to Lowes where I purchased a can of chalkboard paint, a small piece of plywood, and a roller. I don't remember the exact cost of my supplies but I believe it was less than 20 bucks.

Chalkboard Paint
I then set out to find a frame. At a discount store I found a beautiful Better Homes and Gardens frame for $5. I love the frame and knew immediately that I may not want it to be a chalkboard forever (that's where the plywood comes in). I also picked up a few frames at the dollar store. 

In case your interested here is a short tutorial on how I made mine.

First I took the glass out of my frame and traced it onto the small piece of plywood. Then I had Marine cut the board for me to the sizes I needed (I'm a klutz and he didn't trust me with the saw. Probably a good idea on his part!)

So here is my basic board already cut to size.

Silly me couldn't find a paint tray so I used a small glad Tupperware to pour my paint into. Hey whatever works!

Then I just started painting my boards......

I put about 3 coats on each board just to make sure everything was covered properly.

Then I let the boards sit a few days to dry....... also I had forgotten to buy chalk (DUH).

Once the board was dry I put it into the picture frame. 

I was so pleased with how it looked. But would it work?

I took out my chalk and tested it.......

 Worked like a charm!

Now that I know it works I'm going to make a few more to use as photo props and to place on the drink table.

Trust me this is so easy! I mean if me the DIY dummy can do it, anyone can!

I just Googled Wedding Chalkboards to share some other ideas of how others had used them with you:

 Have a great weekend!


Date Girl said...

What a fantastic idea!! What fun props! I may have to make this chalkboard for our kitchen with meal ideas or something. I can't wait to see the wedding pictures and how your guests get creative with the messages.

phoebe said...

seriously. i love this! who knew it would be so easy to make a chalkboard!!!!

George's Mum said...

Love this idea! x