Thursday, April 7, 2011

His & Her's Shower

This past weekend was awesome to say the least! Friday night (well more like early Saturday morning) Marine and I finished up painting!!!!!


Marine got up early Saturday morning and, with the help of a friend, started moving things in.

I was frantically trying to organize and get ready for the shower.

Despite the fact that it had rained ALL week long, Saturday was beautiful!

The couples shower was taking place at a pavilion down on the river and let me just say my friends went way above and beyond!

The decorations were great and the food was AMAZING!!

Start of the present table

There were roughly 40+ people there and I couldn't believe how many people came out to spend the day with us; family, friends and co-workers.
Marine & Me
It was a His & Her's shower and you could tell all the guys were kinda like "Dude we are at a shower." lol

Giggles and Babbles along with my other bridesmaids had seemed to think of everything though all the way from music to Margarita's.

Marine and I received so many nice things! Kitchen towels, baking pans, Tupperware, Omelette pans, knives, picture frame, Bathroom Towels, Punch Server, Measuring cups, China, and other kitchen things I had no clue how to use!! (Sad but true).  We also received numerous Lowes Giftcards which will be a great help in adding the finishing touches to the new casa de us.

Opening Gifts
Love how Blondie captured this
Babbles gave us a trash can full of cleaning supply's, what a great gift idea! Marine and I loved it.

There were running jokes with each kitchen gift we opened friends commenting that I wouldn't know how use them,etc. Everyone was laughing especially when we opened the second part of Babbles gift in which she had to take a jab at my non-existent cooking skills by giving us this:

Yes that is a case of Ramon Noodles.

One of my favorite quotes of the day was from my friend who is the Will to my Grace. "So I went rouge and didn't get you anything of your registry. But this gift is so you!"

From Will and His Boyfriend - so beautiful and we loved it!
I told him he could go rogue anytime! lol

Overall it was a wonderful day with many great memories.

One of which was when Marine's great Aunt went to fill up her glass with what she thought was lemonade which in reality was Margarita....... awkward!  Thankfully someone stopped her before she got it poured.

Saturday after the shower Marine and I went to the barn and I got Miss B. ready and we went to the first show of the season. Miss B and I placed 2nd in poles so we are off to a good start this season.

{Sorry this took so long to post due to storms we were without power from Monday till last night!}

Grace: God, it is so weird seeing myself in a wedding dress again. It's freaking me out a little bit, I'm actually sweating.
Karen: Honey, you're finally wearing a quality fabric. Your body's not sweating, it's crying with relief.
~ Will & Grace ~


R said...

It looks like yall had a great time. I love the idea of a couples shower.

Also, I was thinking about it this week...I wish you lived in the same area as me cause I have the feeling we'd end up friends. And I could teach you to cook. LOL!

phoebe said...

how fun does that look!!

love the pictures. thanks so much for sharing them with us :-)

Date Girl said...

I love that you had a couple's shower, how fun. Great shot of the cowboy boots. Adorable.

hahaha, ramen noodles, awesome! I love that your friends have a sense of humor. You'll get the cooking skills in time. Just takes a lot of trial and error. I know Match has eaten some food that wasn't all that edible in the past. :-) Looks like a great time!