Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

I sit at my desk gazing out the window watching the thick, grey clouds roll in. Rain is in the forecast with a chance of snow. Which means a lazy weekend is in my forecast! Tomorrow though is the BIG rivalry game for most college football teams. And like many others tomorrow I plan to be glued in front of a TV decked out in my team colors.

Unlike many others I am not out fighting the crowds today in search of deals, I am instead behind my desk trying to earn money for the upcoming holidays. And for lack of things to do I have caught up on my favorite blogs and browsed online sales. Not to say I have goofed off all day. I have worked hard.... well ok I've worked. I can't help it I'm good at my job and stay on top of things therefor getting them done in a timely matter leaving me with spare time on my hands. Thank you!

This year my Christmas list is rather short. Because a) I have no money, b) all my friends are broke to, and c) spending time together is more important than presents. My friends and I have decided instead of doing gifts we are going to have a Christmas party and just enjoy each others company. That being said there are a few I'm going to try and get small things for. Frugal Santa I guess :) I mean I am on a very tight budget with all the cut backs at work. But there are many things I can do I know they will enjoy yet will not cost a fortune. And as last year for family and family friends I plan on doing baked goods (always a treat ~ I can't cook but I can bake) and I have already received several requests from people making sure they were on my candy/cookie/goody list. Last year I hit the after Christmas sales buying tins to use this year. So all I have to do now is find the time to do the baking. :)

One holiday gift idea I would like to suggest is a Shutterfly photo book. I have made several of these on this site and they always turn out wonderful! This year I plan on making one for my grandparents. I mean there is absolutely nothing that they need or really want. But I have taken many snapshots over the year at family get togethers and this will be a perfect way to share those with them. If you have never made one, they are fun and easy to make! Also right now they are offering 30% percent off on books and if you search Google you may be able to find other discount offers.
"When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls!"
~ Ted Grant ~

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Date Girl said...

I made a Shutterfly photo book for my mom one year for Mother's day. She cried-she loved it so much! Definitely a great idea. :-)
I'm with you on the short Christmas lists-this year is a lean year for most people I think.