Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just Tuesday

Despite my best efforts Hyper has successfully removed her cast; much to her excitement and much to my dismay. Tomorrow she has an appointment with the vet anyway so I guess if she was going to do it, today was the best possible day.

Tonight I had diner with Blondie and Punk-Rock-Chick. The food was great (as always), the drinks were good, and the conversation…. Well it’s always interesting! Everybody is getting ready for Thanksgiving. Vixen is leaving in the morning for the west coast. And as always before heading to the airport she tells me the last minute important info; i.e. If something happens to her I get all her stuff, I get one of her dogs (Vivi the other), and strict instruction to burn any embarrassing evidence before her mom can find.

I always enjoy Thanksgiving but this year I'm kinda dreading it. I'm going to miss the craziness of the day as X and I tried to make it to 3 (yes 3) Thanksgiving meals. This year I will attend only one, which will be great! But still I will miss my extended family and the traditions I had come to love. Sigh But once again I must not look back, I must keep my eyes forward to the horizon.

Charlie Brown, "We've got ANOTHER holiday to worry about. It seems Thanksgiving Day is upon us."
Sally Brown, "I haven't even finished eating all of my Halloween candy."
~ A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving ~

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