Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This and That

This month has been somewhat difficult and perhaps not the best month to chose to blog everyday. And for those of you who are still with me, Thank You!! I mean thus far you have got to hear every mundane thing that has been going on. Not much excitement. Not much flare. I tell ya I think I’m part bear and go into hibernation once it gets cold outside!

I think I mentioned earlier in the month that my boss’s father had been diagnosed with cancer. Well he past away this week and today was the funeral. Not only was he my boss's father but he was also a friend's grandfather. He passed away of cancer and even though I hardly knew him, I felt very overwhelmed today. Emotions and feelings that I have kept locked up for the past two years flooded to the surface today as I recalled a similar day two years ago when I attended the funeral of another person who had lost the battle to cancer. This person was no acquaintance. It was my own father. That day of course had a huge impact on my life, and still does. I sometimes wonder the other path I would have taken had he been able to beat the cancer. And I can say with some certainty that my life would be different, all the way from my career to my geographical location...... Anyway the funeral today was lovely.

This is just always a hard time of year. The holiday's just aren't the same. I guess you can tell I was/am a daddy's girl?

Ok I have to switch to another topic, (I don't handle emotions to well sometimes especially this topic) TV. Ok deep breath. I must admit I am a Hills fan and I have watched Lauren Conrad since the days of Laguana beach. The show is getting a little to dramish but it's like watching a train wreck. You know its coming but you can't help but watch. I was appalled that on this weeks episode Audrina could even think Lauren would hook up with Justin. I mean I'm sorry but Audrina you are way to pretty for this guy and even though you may have on you loser glasses on Lauren does not. The way Audrina handled the situation kinda showed the shallowness of their friendship. I mean rumors always spread. If someone is your friend you know they would not do something like that to you. I mean if I heard a rumor like that about someone I was dating and say Vivi, Vixen, or Giggles (or well any of my close circle) I would know without a doubt it wasn't true. I think this showed how insecure Audrina is with herself and her relationship with not only Lauren but Justin as well. I mean I may not be one to give advice here but come on. Common sense ~ look at the guys Lauren goes for...... now look at Justin........ Yeah so don't see that happening! That is my dish opinion of the week anyway :)

"You're way worse than Heidi."
~ Lauren Conrad, The Hills ~

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