Sunday, November 30, 2008

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Well today I would like to think I have been rather productive. I went to work (no I normally don't work on Sunday's but I needed the extra hours), did a little window shopping online in preparation for Christmas, updated my Who's Who website for the blog (check it out!), posted on my other Blog I do with Vivi (which I incorporated that post in with this post), and have went thru a gazillion pictures for a project I am working on with the hopes of cheering Vixen up. Vixen has had a rather rough week and I want to do something that will make her smile. In going thru dozens upon dozens of old pictures, I realized maybe (I did say maybe) my friends are right. Maybe I am a little to camera happy. Meaning that I take pictures of just about everything. Which can make for a fun trip down memory lane. And in the middle of doing all this I caught up on Samantha Who thanks to ABC online.

I love the holiday season; the sparkling lights, decorated trees, and just the overall feeling in the air. I remember as a kid I used to always have a list of things I wanted for Christmas. As I get older I find that I want less and less and instead enjoy giving gifts more than receiving them. Sigh guess that's a sign of growing up. I love picking out gifts for my friends especially. It's always exciting to watch my friends open them all the while knowing I got them something they are going to love.

Winter has set in. The shirts and sandals have been packed away, my closet now overflowing with sweaters and warm winter jackets. Despite my low cash flow I am in dire need of three things, ok maybe need is a strong word. They are really more wants I guess than needs.

1. It is time for a new purse. Purse's are my thing I guess ~ some women buy shoes, I buy purses. I am going thru with drawls not being able to even recall when I bought my last purse. So it's safe to say it has probably been at least six months ago.

2. Brown heals. Why do I not already have a pair? Maybe because I don't wear heals that much (though I seem to have a gazillion black pairs). But I have several cute outfits that could really use a cute pair of brown heals to spice it up!

3. A black/gray jacket. I have several brown jackets, in different color variations and styles but not a jacket to go with anything black.

I'm starting to see a trend.... do I have any complete outfits?

And I know I said three things and those are my three things. For good measure though I would like to toss in a quick forth which would definitely be a want and not a need. My other week spot is camera's. I love to click away! I always carry a small digital camera in my purse, you know just in case. Well my poor Olympus has lived a long, hard life. I'm afraid after an unfortunate evening of being left outside (in it's case) on the porch railing, where it was knocked off where it sat till the next morning where I found it nestled in the wet dew grass. Yeah it's just really not been the same since. Due to this tragic evening I'm sure the camera gods do not see me as deserving of this Nikon Coolpix S60 but if I had the money it would definitely be on my shopping list! Thanks to Ashton's captivating commercials the Nikon Coolpix S60 has made itself number four on my want list! With it's smooth touchscreen and different color choices it just screams that it really wants to come home with me. But alas my empty wallet knows there are other things my hard earned money needs to go toward. In the meantime however I will drool over it and try to put back some money when I can with hopes of one day purchasing one.

"I like my money right where I can see it--hanging in my closet."
~ Carrie, SATC ~

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Vivi said...

You? Take too many pictures? I don't know possibly what you are talking about! Not the trip to the Bahamas when we threatened to shove... haha Happy to see someone excited about the holidays. I just can't wait for them to be over.